Controversial Photos of the Miss USA 2010 Contestants!

Controversial Photos of the Miss USA 2010 Contestants!

This year's Miss USA Pageant is certainly generating a lot of buzz, it seems everyone has an opinion about the  photos of all 51 Miss USA contestants wearing sexy lingerie and posing in a bedroom setting. These photos of the Miss USA Contestants remind us more of a Victoria's Secret Lingerie ad and in some cases Playboy magazine's cover photos. 

Officials of the Miss USA Pageant explained that this is the "new direction of beauty pageants and a chance for contestants to show off confidence in and embrace their own sexuality." However critics are baffled considering that Last Year's Miss USA Winner Carrie Prejean was fired when similar racy photos and a sex tape of her surfaced on the internet.

If the Miss USA Pageant officials were in search of publicity, they certainly got it. They've also managed to change their viewer demographic, based on these photos the Miss USA Pageant can no longer be considered family programming. Get those beers guys, more scantily clad, provocative women available on basic cable!

Take a look at a few of the Miss USA Contestants controversial photos next to Playboy magazine covers and tell us what you think. 

Miss California-USA

Miss  New Jersey-USA

PlayBoy Magazine June 2010 Issue

Miss Minnesota-USA

Miss Arizona-USA

Miss Delaware-USA

PlayBoy Magazine February 2010 Issue

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  1. oh wow I didnt think much of it at first just figured they prance around in swimsuits anyways so whats the big deal. But next to the playboy photos I get what the big hoopla is about. definitely too much

  2. I agree next to the playboy magazine it definitey puts things into perspective

  3. these photos are just plain bad and distasteful, its a beauty pageant not who's the sexiest and most provocative.

  4. And they thought the lane bryant bra ads were too much for tv lol

  5. Bodies are a thing of beauty to begin with and if mine looked like these I would be showing them too. Playboy good job!



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