Miley Cyrus 'I Can't Be Tamed' Video Premiere

 Miley Cyrus 'I Can't Be Tamed' Video Premiere!

Here is the video premiere of Miley Cyrus 'I Can't Be Tamed' where the singer is embracing her new grown up, sexy but raunchy image. Miley said “The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes... It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics… I don’t want to be in a cage. I want to be free and do what I love.” 

If Miley is trying to tell us that she no longer wants to be innocent Hannah Montana this video certainly does the trick as we see Miley strutting around in corsets, romping and pole dancing. Wonder what Disney thinks about this? Watch her new video below.

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  1. I get all what the controversy is all about with her age and being a disney star that young kids love, but it's a good video.

  2. she should have waited till she turned 18 and was no longer with disney to turn into beyonce, lady gaga and christina, they're all over 26yrs!

  3. hahah her quote is funny, she knew people would be bothered by her sudden drastic change in image thats why she made up that silly excuse.

  4. hope her kid fans arent watching this this is grown up

  5. its definitely up there for her but come on compared to christina aguillera's last video this is still innocent


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