American Idol Final 2 will be Revealed Tonight & Justin Bieber Performs!

American Idol Final 2 will be Revealed Tonight & Justin Bieber Performs! 

The countdown to tonight's much anticipated episode of American Idol has begun and the remaining three contestants Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox and Casey James will learn their fate. Who will be the Final 2 contestants left to battle it out for the acclaimed "American Idol" title?

While we're waiting for the results teens and teen moms everywhere will be shrieking with 'Bieber Fever' as Justin Bieber performs on American Idol tonight!

(Left to right Casey James, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze)

Two of our predicted Final 4 Crystal Bowersox and Casey James are still in the running. We'll take one more leap of faith and predict that Lee DeWyze and Casey James will be the Final 2.

Quite the 'upset' but we're not ready to let go of heart throb Casey James just yet! Besides Crystal Bowersox ceased to wow us in the last four shows and her performance last night was awful.  But cheer up Crystal we blame Ellen she chose the wrong song for you! 

Now that we've exited fantasy land, we officially predict that Lee and Crystal will be the Final 2 contestants! We'll even go as far as to make one final prediction "The Next American Idol is Lee De Wyze".

Last night's performance was a clear indicator that the judges gave Lee the best song, they practically declared him the next American Idol. Now that's what you call influencing the viewer's decision! But don't listen to us or the 'all knowing' Simon Cowell, the American viewers will be choosing the next American Idol. We hope you voted your hearts out last night!

Here is a recap of Lee DeWyze's amazing version of "Hallelujah" which he performed last night.

Who do you want to make it to the Final 2? Leave a comment.


  1. Crystals the most talented last night wasn't her best!

  2. I'll be watching justin bieber

  3. casey is the least talented he should go tonight, looks can only get u so far

  4. hallelujah is a really nice song but the back up singers and instrumentals made lee sound better than he really was


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