Fashion & Beauty: Wine Handbag & Pumps with Socks

Peculiar Fashion: Meet The Wine Handbag & The Platform Pump with Attached Socks 

Lately designers seem to be getting more creative or should I say more out-of-the-box crazy with their designs. First we brought you the overpriced Ripped Balmain T-Shirt, then the Hairy Underwear and now we've come across these two designs. The first seems practical, the other... well see for yourself.

The Wine Handbag:
The Baggy Winecoat  designed by Jakob Wagner claims to "give the popular Bag in Box wines a casual but stylish look! Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Wine Coat and close the flexible top. A rubber bottom makes sure the Baggy Winecoat does not tip over; on the dinner table or on the picnic. If you want to carry your wine with you, just grab the handle and go!"

This sounds like the perfect way to sneak alcohol into the restaurant or lounge, if you're that cheap! The Baggy Winecoat retails for $58.19 at the Scandinavian Design Center .

Platform Pumps with attached Socks
Designer Bruno Frisoni created these Platform Pumps with attached socks. The pumps on their own are gorgeous so why ruin them by attaching these hideous socks? Unfortunately other designers are also trying to make this fashion flub a trend, Prada and Marni both featured models wearing socks with open shoes in their fall runway shows.

What do you think about these designs, would you own either? Leave a comment.


  1. shoes and socks are fugly! lol

  2. That bag would be the perfect way to conceal-sneak alcohol except for the very obvious squeeze tube lol

  3. Those shoes are cute the socks kills it


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