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Stars Beauty Secrets from Sugar to Mint Leaves and Vaseline to Leeches!

From Sugar to Mint Leaves and Vaseline to Leeches, here are some of the sweet, sticky and bizarre beauty secrets used by celebrities like Mariah Carey, Madonna Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian. Read on for more...

Sugar: Kim Kardashian keeps her skin glowing by adding a teaspoon of sugar to her body wash, this creates a sweet and gentle way to exfoliate her skin.

Mint Leaves Extract: Mariah Carey plumps her lips by mixing mint extract with her lip gloss. It's certainly more natural and cost friendly than Botox.

Vaseline: Tyra Banks credits Petroleum Jelly Vaseline for her beautiful skin, the former supermodel has used Vaseline since childhood to combat dry skin. She supports this product so much that she handed out free jars of bedazzled Vaseline to the audience at her Tyra Banks Show. Other celebrity promoters of this product include Hillary Duff and Amanda Bynes who were the face of Vaseline in 2007 and 2008. 

Leeches: In 2008 Demi Moore used Austrian Leech Therapy to cleanse her system. The 47 year old age-defying actress spoke to David letterman about the experience "These are not just some low-level scavengers; we’re talking high-level blood suckers." Scary but interesting, sometimes a Girl's got-to-do what a girl's got-to do!

Crushed Rose-Cut Diamonds: Leave it to the material girl to use the most expensive and ridiculous means for giving her skin that natural glow. For her Sticky and Sweet Tour, Madonna's makeup artist Gina Brooke used a mixture of crushed rose-cut diamonds and white eye shadow to make Madonna's eye pop. She also glued two carats of small diamond pieces to Madonna's brow bones. 

According to Gina "The resulting brightness and glow from Madonna’s eyes captivated the audience and reinforces the fact that there are always new possibilities with makeup -- and no rules," Anyone else thinks this is over the top even for Madonna? 


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  1. I'll try anything but the leeches!! ewwweee

  2. I love Madonna but she has too much money, a waste!

  3. I wanna try kim and tyra's ideas

  4. leeches can u imagine those things crawling all over you,ahhhhhh

  5. this is all B.S they all use plastic surgery and botox!

  6. Felicia7/18/2011

    I draw the line at the leeches!


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