Fashion & Beauty: Jersey Shore Makeover

Harper's Bazaar gives the girls of Jersey Shore a makeover!

The Jersey Shore girls, Snooki, Sammi and JWoww are featured in the May 2010 Issue of Harper's Bazaar. Aside from giving the girls a classy makeover, the guidettes were also sent to charm school, where they were coached by socialites Lizzie Post and Tinsley Mortimer on table eating and posture etiquette.

This is Hilarious! Hope they actually learned something. Take a look at the Jersey Shore girls photo shoot below.
Snooki's Makeover

Sammi's Makeover

JWoww's Makeover

Jersey Shore Charm School-Table Etiquette

Jersey Shore Charm School-Posture

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  1. oh wow they made them look like classy ladies

  2. not bad, not bad at all

  3. lol they definitely needed to go to charm school

  4. OMG snooki is so funny check out how she's eyes the pasta lol

  5. they clean up nicely!


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