Fashion & Beauty: Hairy Underwear

Fashion Gone Wrong: Designers Create Hairy Underwear

Every now and then fashion goes from being a creative art showcased on our bodies, to a complete mess when fashion designers create something so hideous that it leaves us wondering what was he/she thinking? And that's exactly the thought going through our minds, along with a loud "ewweee"! 

Take a look below at the the aptly named "Hairy Underwear" for women and "Hairy Vest" for men created by Finish design brand Tärähtäneet Ämmät / Nutty Tarts. I guess they had so much time on their hands that they added unto their designs the pubic/body hairs that we all spend so much time and money trying to get rid off !

Would you buy or wear these designs?

Hairy Underwear for women

Hairy underwear shown on model

Hairy Vest for Men

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  1. hell no! I wouldn't buy this

  2. ewwee is right that is so tacky!

  3. lol I think its a publicity stunt to get their brand name out there

  4. what did they do? glue the hairs on and where did they get the hair from, oh god "gag"

  5. they are some nasty mfers lol


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