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Lady Gaga Was the Victim of High School Bullies, Now She Settles The Score! 

Who knew? Lady Gaga admits that she was bullied in high school and it wasn't because of her eccentric fashion but rather because she was fat, yes fat. Can you picture Lady Gaga being anything other than the petite, crazed fashion wearing, pop singer that we know today?

During her recent interview with UK Cosmopolitan magazine where she graces the cover of the May issue, Lady Gaga strips down to no more than lingerie showing off her new petite figure. She admits that the photos are to prove to her former bullies that they were wrong.

Lady Gaga claims that she was teased by her school mates at the private all-girls New York high school she attended. She said: 'I had a very big nose, very curly brown hair and I was overweight. I got made fun of.' The singer found solace in her work and music at the time, and clearly it paid off. We're sure those bullies would love to be friends with her now!

When asked to complete the phrase 'In 20 years, I hope people will say, Lady Gaga...', the singer replied: '...changed my life, and her music gave me an identity when I didn't belong.'

Take a look at some of the photos of Lady Gaga in UK Cosmopolitan's May Issue.

Lady Gaga at age 12

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  1. Im sure those stupid girls are jealous of her and her success now.

  2. When will kids stop this bullying thing, its gotten worst since her time. And the bullies always end up no where.

  3. you show them Gaga there bad words made you stronger, keep doing you!


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