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Sex and the City 2 Best Kept Secret Revealed: Aidan Returns!

Wohoooo! Aidan returns in Sex and the City 2. Remember Aidan the good guy who proposed to Carrie and then she cheated on him with Mr. Big?

Until now we all thought Aidan was history! Especially since Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) got married  to Mr. Big in the first Sex and the City movie. 

It seems the movie's producers and promoters went  to great lengths to ensure that no photos of Aidan was leaked during filming, because here he is in the newly released 2nd trailer for Sex and the City 2. And it seems he'll be stirring up trouble between Mr. Big and Carrie! Love it, can't wait for the movie which hits theaters on May 27th. 

Take a look at the new trailer for Sex and the City 2 below.

Who do you want Carrie to end up with, Mr Big or Aidan? Leave a comment.


  1. WOW Aidan vs Mr.Big!!!

  2. It's gonna get crazy!

  3. nooo I like Mr.Big

  4. I hope she cheats on him, pay back for leaving her at the altar...Team Aidan! lol


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