Entertainment & Celebrities: May 2010 Magazine Covers

Fergie, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez May 2010 Magazine Cover Girls

What do Fergie, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They all have that coveted magazine Cover Spot. Fergie is featured on the cover of Elle Magazine, while Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez grace the covers of Marie Clair and Redbook. Take a look at their cover shot and sneak peak of their interviews below.

In Elle Magazines' May 2010 Issue Fergie discusses Fame, Josh and Being Super Sexy.

Here's Fergie trick to maintaining her sexy slimline figure:

“I’m not going to lie: There are times I play mind tricks on myself, like that the french fries are poison. With desserts, I’ll let myself have just one bite, but I’ll look like a freak when I’m eating it, like when I did Duncan Hines commercials as a kid, just savoring every morsel.”

The May 2010 Issue of Elle Magazine will be available on newsstands April 14th.

In Redbook's May 2010 Issue, Jennifer Lopez discusses marriage, family life and balancing her career.

Here's Jennifers take on marriage and 'finding the one':

“I think you can love many different people, but that’s different from what makes a great partner in life, which Marc [Anthony] is for me… He inspires me to be better at everything—a better person, mom, singer, performer, friend, and wife. A marriage is long, and you’ve got to like the person as much as you love or lust after them. You’ve got to be friends first.”

In Marie Claire Magazines May 2010 Issue, Jessica Simpson bares it all and shows us "The Real Jessica" no makeup, no retouching, no regrets! 

In the magazine Jessica explains:
“I don’t have anything to prove anymore,”... “What other people think of me is not my business.”

This daring move is all part of a new Jessica's new initiative called “A Beautiful Me,” which encourages young women to feel comfortable in their own skin and love themselves for who they are! “A Beautiful Me” will launch after her VH1 show, The Price of Beauty, ends next month.

Here are a few more shots of Jessica Simpson without makeup or retouching in Marie Claire Magazine.

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  1. jessica still looks pretty without makeup

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