Health and Fitness: Major Department Stores Caught Selling Returned-Used Underwear!

Major Department Stores Caught Selling Returned-Used Underwear!

Ladies beware! An undercover investigation by MSNBC caught employees from major US department/retail stores on camera accepting used panties and lingerie from customers and then proceeding to re-tag and re-sell them.

Some of the culprits caught on tape include Victoria's Secret, Macy's Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Gap. Our health and hygiene advice to you; wash all newly purchased clothing before you wear them!

We gagged after watching this undercover video from MSNBC, it's approximately six minutes long. We strongly recommend that you watch the video and share it with your family and friends.

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  1. WTF thats is gross

  2. OMG I dont even care about the washing thats just plain nasty, there should be a strict not underwear return policy

  3. Im disgusted by this and especially the stores that do it, I mean seriously Victorias secret!!!!

  4. Ewwwee I almost puked when she said that they ler themm air out overnight to remove the odour and then place them back on shelves.

  5. @ sara I felt the same way, and its female employees doing this too, I mean how nasty can they be.

  6. Anonymous4/03/2010

    ewww!!!! nasty!!!


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