Health and Fitness: The 515 Chemicals Women Use On Their Bodies Everyday!

For Better or For Worst? The 515 Chemicals Women Use On Their bodies Everyday!

We came across this article recently and decided to share it with our readers, since these are practices so many women incorporate into their daily routine and never really consider the consequences to our bodies.

In our quest to be beautiful and defy or reverse the effects of aging we hoard on several beauty products every day.

The problem however is that in actuality many of these products do the exact opposite, by flooding our bodies with harmful chemicals that eventually speed up the aging process...

The article titled 'Revealed...the 515 Chemicals women put on their bodies everyday' discusses how everyday routines like applying body lotion, makeup, nail polish, perfumes, hair shampoo and spray-on tans can be potentially harmful to our skin and body.

Especially with prolonged use, primarily because of the number of chemicals that these products contain as well as the harmful content of the chemicals themselves.

The article states that "
Research by Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, found that the average woman's daily grooming and make-up routine means she 'hosts' a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every single day.

Many of these chemicals are also used in products such as household cleaners, and have been linked to a number of health problems from allergies and skin sensitivity to more serious health issues like hormonal disturbances, fertility problems and even cancer. "
The photo displayed below breaks down the 515 chemicals found in products used on different parts of our body and outlines their harmful side effects.
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  1. oh wow I never thought of it that way, thanks!

  2. It makes a lot of sense between the chemicals in these products and then our food no wonder so many people get skin cancer etc.

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  4. Anonymous1/05/2017

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  5. That these products contain as well as the harmful content of the chemicals themselves.


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