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Overpriced Designer Fashion-Ripped Balmain T-Shirt Costs $1,625?

Still uttering a collective sigh while writing this post, we came across this Balmain ripped/slashed Army T-Shirt being sold for $1,625. Crazy? Yes, unbelievable? Yes, but don't just take our word for it see for yourself. The overpriced t-shirt is available online at net-a-porter.

Do they realize that it's just a cotton t-shirt with holes in it? I'd like to meet with and have a good laugh at the buffoon who buys this.

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  1. That is ridiculous!

  2. designer or not, who would buy this?

  3. I can make this give me a scissors and a t-shirt lol

  4. tsk tsk, this shouldn't even be called fashion!


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