Entertainment & Celebrities: Lady Gaga-Telephone Video

Official Video for Lady Gaga 'Telephone' featuring Beyonce

The wait is over for Lady Gaga fans everywhere, as the official Telephone Video featuring Beyonce premiered last night on E! 

If you haven't already seen the video here's your chance to watch the bold, colorful, bubble gum-Pop video that's clad with one too many sexual innuendos, nudity and vulgarity. So much so that if this video was a movie it would have been Rated R.  

So as you've guessed from the US to the UK the attention is now on whether Lady Gaga's video is too explicit for TV. Lady Gaga is definitely breaking boundaries, however the question to ask is what kind of Boundaries? We get it 'sex sells' but too much is just plain tacky!

Remember the days when Britney Spears in a school girl skirt and Janet Jackson's accidental nipple flash was headline news? "The times they are a-changing." 

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  1. I love it, very different Gaga did good

  2. she really is crazy why did she have to flash her vag ewwwe that was tacky i understand why people think its too much

  3. Lady Gaga is a bad a** thats all I have to say


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