Entertainment & Celebrities: Heidi Montag Funny Ad

Heidi Montag Pokes fun at her Plastic Surgery in Political Ad promoting Financial Reform

Well we give her an A+ for having a sense of humour and for giving us something to laugh at. Too bad Heidi still does not realize how horrible her close-ups in this video really are.

She can't blame it on swelling from the plastic surgery because she's had time to heal. Now her face just looks like a blow-up fish. Poor Heidi we liked the way she looked before. 

Take a look at Heidi's Funny or Die video which was directed by Ron Howard to help urge congress to pass financial reform for Banks and Credit Card Lenders.

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  1. lol she looks weird she was prettier before

  2. the video is funny lol especially the part where she cant smile

  3. she looks weird her boobs are too big for her body and her face why would she do that to herself

  4. so tired of Spencer and Heidi the hills is crap now so why are they still famous?


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