Entertainment & Celebrities: The End of MTV's "The Hills"

The End of MTV's "The Hills"

This is a sad day for fans of MTV's "The Hills", Season 6 which begins on April 27th will be the last for the reality show. The years of watching the fashion, hook-ups, break-ups and drama brought to us by Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Brodi Jenner and most recently Kristin Cavallari has come to an end.

This news however  does not come as much of a surprise because the world has grown tired of the Speidi invasion. And since Lauren Conrad left last June let's face it "The Hills" hasn't been the same. 

Kristin Cavallari no doubt brought the drama but she's not as like-able as LC was, her feud with Audrina Patridge was more promotional than real. Audrina had also announced that season six would be her last, with all the best characters gone there just wouldn't be enough substance to keep "The Hills" going.

However amidst the gloomy news MTV promises that Season 6 of "The Hills" will not be void of the drama we love. According to EW, show creator Adam DiVello promises a conclusion to the drama that started in Laguna Beach. That could only mean one thing, a possible final showdown between Kristin and Lauren! This is going to be good!

Let's take a ride down memory lane with these photos of "The Hills" cast then and now.

Laguna Beach-where it all began (Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth and Lauren Conrad)

Early days of the "The Hills" when they were all BFF's 

The Feud: Team Speidi vs Team LC

The Best of the Hills Cast

Goodbye to Lauren Conrad, Hello to Kristin Cavallari

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  1. really I liked it I didn't think it would end this soon

  2. wow I guess they all wanna do their own thing now

  3. OMG this was a show about nothing cant believe it lasted this long

  4. Their time is over, Jersey Shore is the new hit


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