Entertainment & Celebrities: Christina Aguillera's New Single

The Cover for Christina Aguilera's New Single is Devilishly Hot!

Christina Aguilera just released the cover for her upcoming single "Not Myself Tonight" the first song released from her new album due out this year. The black and white cover photo shows a dominatrix Christina Aguilera with drawn on devils horns and a tail.

While we are curious about the new single we're also growing very tired of the "Bad Girl" image that has infiltrated the music industry these days. From Rihanna's 'Good Girl Gone Bad' to Beyonce's 'Sasha Fierce' to Lady Gaga's 'Blood, Gore and Monsters Extremities'. It's time they think up a new promotional image because this one is so over-used.

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  1. I like her cant wait to hear the new song!

  2. Christina's back! sweet!

  3. lol you're right they are all using the same image to market their music, all the creativity and innovation died with Michael Jackson. All the musicians these days are just copy cats.


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