Entertainment & Celebrities: 90210 Season Finale Revealed

90210 Spoiler Alert: The Shocking Season Finale!

During a recent interview with 'E' Beverly Hills 90210 actor Trevor Donovan (Teddy) spilled the beans about the season two finale that shocked the cast members!

So what's the BIG news? Annie is not the one who ran over the homeless man in the season one finale! There I said it! Now don't you feel really, really sorry for the poor girl who's been carrying around this guilty conscience and putting up with creepy, obsessed Jasper and his blackmailing antics? Wait there's more!

Trevor also told stated that "I can't say it will all be good, but in one of the last scenes of the finale, you find out who actually hit the homeless guy—and I can guarantee it comes out of left field! No one will see it coming" Really? This is going to be a shocker!

Trevor Donovan also added "It is quite the season finale. There are a few scenarios that are mind-blowing—it's crazy,"..."The writing is amazing and the cliffhangers are incredible. It will definitely leave you wanting to see more."

If this is the spoiler alert he leaked I wonder what the other 'mind blowing scenarios' are, can't wait to see them!

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  1. Seriously wow thats crazy

  2. Now I regret reading the spoiler it would've been so much more shocking at the finale

  3. Cant wait to see how it ends!

  4. Alex00:09

    luv 90210 especially the old show and original actors.


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