Health and Fitness: Having a Big Butt is Good For Your Health!

"I Like Big Butts" Having a Big Butt is Good For Your Health!

These ladies have good reason to smile and so do you, if you are well endowed in that area. According to health experts and Oxford University Researchers having a big butt is good for your health, or at least better than having a big tummy.

(From left to right Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez)

Studies show that having a generous rear end and thighs, rather than a pot belly, cuts levels of 'bad' cholesterol and raises levels of the 'good' cholesterol that protect against hardening of the arteries.

It also cuts the risk of diabetes, a review in the International Journal of Obesity reports. These findings add to a welter of research on the benefits of having a pear-shaped body.

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  1. hahaha I like big butyts and I cannot lie these brothas can't deny

  2. baby's got back!

  3. I love this article, curvy women rule!


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