Fashion & Beauty: What to wear on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Outfits for the Sophisticated Fashionista, Sexy Vixen or Femme Fatale!

Two of the most important questions we ask on Valentine's Day are, What to do and What to wear? If you're still deciding we've provided a few suggestions for you below.

1. The Sophisticated Fashionista's Valentines Day
What to Do: Have dinner at a five star restaurant or you can attend a musical/play or the opera. 
What to Wear: Go ultra glam in a sophisticated and tailored cocktail dress or be flirty by wearing a Grecian inspired cocktail dress as shown below. (Featured dresses retail for less than $80, purchase online at ardenb ).

2. The Sexy Vixen's Valentine's Day
What to Do: Have drinks & Appetizers at a trendy Resto-Lounge.
What to Wear: Black cocktail dress with a twist, such as studded metals design or sequins. Add a pair of red pumps or stillettos to complete the look. (Featured dresses retail for less than $50, purchase online at ).

3. The Femme Fatale's Valentine's Day
What to Do: Rent a room at a luxury hotel, or stay-in but decorate your apt/room with a romantic ambiance     (i.e. soft lighting and music, sprinkled rose petals, scented candles, and a bottle of wine/champagne.0
What to Wear: Very little, 2-piece lingerie (black or red), sexy leggings, stillettos and your favourite red or pink lipstick!

Are you a Sophisticated Fashionista, Sexy Vixen or a Femme Fatale? Which style will you be wearing on Valentines Day? Leave us a comment.



  1. ooohhh I love the sexy vixen and femme fatale, I will try to do both since we plan to head out early on and then end the night at home ;-)

  2. these are all gorgeous, we're staying in this year so I'm definitely a femme fatale


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