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Marc Jacobs Keeps The Focus On Fashion, Bans Celebrities From His Show.

Marc Jacobs has capitalized on the recent press buzz about the ghastly sums that celebrities get paid to sit front row at fashion shows. In a suprising but successful business move he banned celebrities from his show.

Genius move, since he has gained more publicity from banning celebrities than having 2 or 3 attend. Here's a sneak peek at some of the designs from Marc Jacob's fall 2010 collection, which showcased beautiful vintage designs with lots of taupe and grey. We especially loved the outer wear.

What do you think about Marc Jacob's collection? Do you think banning celebrities from his show will hurt or benefit his sales? Leave a comment.


  1. lol at least he had the balls to do it, celebrities get paid way too much to just sit in front row.

  2. by doing it he clearly shows that he doesn't care if celebrities buy his designs or in this recession he cant afford to pay them to attend his shows.


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