Fashion & Beauty: New Trends for Spring 2010

Lingerie as Outerwear is this new trend Fab or just plain Bad?

Lingerie as outerwear, lingerie over your clothing and lingerie replacing clothing, this trend is cropping up all over lately. On runways, on celebrities, musicians etc. but what do you think about this new trend? Who should wear it? And is it ok to embrace this new fad?

Here are a few examples of the trend sighting and we weigh in on whether they're  a Fashion Fab or Fashion Don't!

Lingerie as Outerwear on the Runway: Designers like Christian Dior's Spring 2010 runway was littered with lingerie as outerwear, cementing this look as a trend.

Lingerie as Outerwear on Celebrities:
~We're still deciding on Mischa Barton's (left) exposed stay-ups.
~We like Kim Kardashian's (center) corset over a hooded dress look from the Kardashian for Bebe collection.
~Sienna Miller (right) is definitely a Fashion Don't! DO NOT and we repeat DO NOT wear pantyhose as outerwear!

Lingerie as Outerwear on Musicians: We are unanimous Rihanna, Lilly Allen and Lady Gaga's look are all Fashion Don'ts!

What do you think about this trend, will you be trying it this spring? Leave a comment.


  1. Rihanna's first pic and Kim looks good, everything else is just taking it too far.

  2. I guess the next thing is to wear panties over your pant or skirt lol


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