Health and Fitness: Leona Lewis Transforming!

Leona Lewis Sheds a Few Pounds and Shows off Her New Tattoo

In recent weeks Leona Lewis has revealed her new figure at the BRITS and now her new tattoo at last night's charity fundraiser The Love Ball in London's Camden.

It seems Leona is coming into her own and we love the changes. Hopefully she's not influenced by the entertainment industry's need to be 'too skinny, with an over-sexualized bad girl persona' because we love humble and sweet Leona.

Leona's new tattoo runs from the nape of her neck to the middle of her back and pays tribute to her love of horses.

Leona used a detox diet to drop from a size 14 to a size 10. She definitely looks more like her former self when she won the X-Factor.

(From left to right, Leona at Elle Style Awards last weekend and Leona at Grammy Awards 2009, 11 months ago)

What do you think about Leona's new look, love it or not? Leave a comment below.


  1. Leona looks amazing

  2. its about time she was to nice and thats boring the tat gives her more edge

  3. alex16:32

    Lovely girl.

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