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Sneak Peek at Lady Gaga's Unreleased Video 'Telephone'

Here are a few pictures from Lady Gag's upcoming video 'Telephone' to be released in March.  The video is said to be inspired by Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino.

In keeping with the theme of the song 'Telephone' Lady Gaga wears several head and hair pieces designed as telephones. We are anxious and at the same time to terrified to see what a fusion of Lady Gaga and Quentin Tarantino will produce.

What do you think about the photos so far are you looking forward to Lady Gaga's upcoming video? Leave a comment.


  1. lol now im looking forward to this video, quentin tarantino is even crazier than lady gaga

  2. cant wait for the video


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