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Beyonce, Alicia Keys & Rihanna tansform into Carnival & Dance Hall Queens.

Brazilian Carnival Queens: On the heels of her record setting Grammy wins and launch of her new fragrance 'Heat',  Beyonce is seen here with Alicia Keys on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil filming the video for their upcoming duet "Put It In A Love Song" featured on Alicia's album The Element of Freedom. Both women donned the barely-there, sparkly carnival costumes with elaborate feathered head dress.

Caribbean Dance Hall Queen: Rihanna channels her Caribbean roots in the video for her song Rude Boy. Rihanna explains the inspiration for the clothing in the video by saying 'A lot of my videos are really dark and edgy and tough. Rude Boy is more playing along the lines from my roots... We used a lot of color, but also the costumes were very Jamaican dancehall queen type.'

Dancehall queens being women who wear outrageously skimpy clothing to attend clubs in the West Indies, often competing in dance offs to be crowned queen of the dancehall.

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  1. So cool, I luv all of them, excited to see their videos.

  2. wow beyonce and alicia keys together, thats gonna be the shizz can't wait!!!

  3. dag beyonce is soo hot, jayz a lucky mfer

  4. princess riri go get em girl!

  5. im tired of beyonce she's every where

  6. @lynne shut up haterz, beyonces a strong successful woman, u could take a lesson from her book

  7. Anonymous2/10/2010



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