Being Your Best Self

Life Lessons: Being Your Best Self.

Can you imagine what the world could be like if we lived every day, doing just that? Being the best version of your self is not about attaining perfection but rather it stems from living and being truly present in each moment. Being your best self means giving the respect that we all deserve and treating others how we would want to be treated if the situation was reversed.

It is easier to excuse our words and actions as not being intentional, negative, hurtful or harmful to others when we are not the one on the receiving end. Practicing role reversal, letting our guards down and allowing ourselves to truly understand how others are affected when we are not being our best self, is the first step on the path to forgiveness, reconciliation and change.

This self examination should begin in our homes with family, in our friendships and with the people we see everyday in our work places. As well as through more general social interaction at places like the grocery store, restaurant or gym.

By being consciously aware of our interactions, expressions and communication with others and ensuring that they are positive, we are choosing to be our best self in every moment and circumstance. Below are six habits we can all practice to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Tips For Being Your Best Self

1. Treat others with dignity and respect.

2. Be mindful of your words.

3. Be kind with your actions.

4. Be empathetic and compassionate.

5. Be open to change and letting go of negative habits.

6. Have a positive mindset.

Let's take the first step forward by choosing to implement and practice these tips daily so that they become a natural and effortless part of our lifestyle. We have provided a beautiful image reminder below that you can print and place on your idea or inspiration boards, use as your phone or computer display screen and share with family and friends on social media or email.

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