Life In The Slow Lane

Life In The Slow Lane.

My hubby's grandma's memories of world war one started out with sorrow and fear but would be followed by beautiful memories of days spent at home surrounded by family and friends playing together amidst it all and that always brought a smile to her face as her mind drifted off to the past.

We hope that you are able to see the silver lining in every storm and can find calm and joy in this uncertain time. Should you create a schedule? Yes, it will help make your hours at home a little less monotonous and more organized but don't keep yourself so busy trying to fill up every minute of the day with activities to make the time go by faster that you forget to stop and appreciate the moments.

We can all use this time to catch up, check in, enjoy spending time with each other, observe, listen and support our loved ones. Most importantly we can make deeper connections than we could before because now we have the time to do so.

Before we know it this season in time will pass by and our lives will once again be filled with endless to-do lists, places to go and things to overwhelm our every waking moment. So why not use this time to create beautiful, joyful memories and practice things that enhance our character and inspire self growth because it would be a disservice to ourselves to look back on this moment and only remember stress and fear.

Life In The Slow Lane

We live in a fast paced society
a go, go, go, cars honking, engines revving,
keep it moving society.

Always busy, busier than a bee,
to busy to eat, to busy to sleep.
Even self care has
become another way to keep busy.

Life says, slow down
you are missing the best parts,
but still we go fast.
Senses numb, emotions overrun,
living life in the fast lane.

Embrace life in the slow lane!
Sleep in a little longer, 
appreciate the breaths when you wake.

Savor the taste of breakfast,
you no longer have to rush out the door.
Listen to your favorite songs and dance like a kid.

Hug tighter, hold on longer, kiss sweeter.
Say those three little words that bring joy.
Live life in the slow lane, time is a gift and you deserve it!

~Poem By MJ~

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We provided beautiful images of the 'Life in the slow lane' poem below that you can easily print, display on your phone/ computer screen or share with family and friends on social media/ email so it can be a daily source of inspiration for your lives.

(Life in the slow lane part 1)

(Life in the slow lane part 2)

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