LFG Glam Prints Coming Soon

LFG Glam Prints Coming Soon!

In our special anniversary message to our readers last month we hinted about what lies ahead for LFG and some of the exciting projects that are in the works. Today we are revealing more about the first LFG exclusive creations and their official release date.

We are beyond excited to unveil the first LFG Glam Prints collection of digital art, visual quotes and print imagery designed by our founder MJ on Thursday, March 18th, 2021.  Get ready to make the mundane and ordinary look and feel beautiful, inspiring and extraordinary with LFG Glam Prints! 

LFG Glam Prints can be used to beautify and enhance your personal or business website, blog, social media pages, tech device screens and for online marketing. They can also be printed, framed and displayed as art for your home, office or event decor.

New collections will launch every season giving you access to relevant and unique, high-quality images available exclusively at the Glam Prints Shop.

The first collection launches in less than two weeks, in the mean time you can sign up for our email newsletter to get launch notifications, early access to shop, exclusive promo codes and amazing giveaways like the one below.

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10 African American Women Trailblazers

Women Who Inspire: 10 African American Women Trailblazers.

March is recognized around the world as Women's History Month and this year we have decided to do things a little different by featuring the stories and contributions of women who are not as well known or celebrated. Although they had to overcome not only gender inequality but also racial adversity.

We are inspired by their choice to defy the status quo and by their spirit of perseverance, which helped them to break down barriers, shatter glass ceilings and become trailblazers for both women and people of color.

We hope that their life experiences and their contributions to both American and world history are told not only one month a year but are taught in schools, commemorated in books, reimagined in documentaries and films etc.

Learning about these incredible women trailblazers and their impact will help to influence the lives of young girls, women and society as a whole and their stories can be a source of inspiration and empowerment. 

It also presents an opportunity for everyone to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of women of color. Which will help to destroy negative stereotypes, be a catalyst for positive social change and create an environment for fostering racial and gender based equality.

Read on to discover the 10 African American Women Trailblazers who are inspiring us right now...