Cultivating a Life Of Love

Cultivating A Life Of LOVE.

There's this little thing we call LOVE. I refer to it  as 'little' because its been reduced to the act of showing kindness, compassion and care mainly to the people in our immediate family, friends and social circles.

Love was once called charity in the English language and that allows it to take on a whole new meaning. Since charity refers to helping, caring for and showing acts of kindness and love to everyone that includes people we would think of as strangers and people outside our circle of family and friends.

Like people in need, people who are less fortunate, people who cannot help themselves or their circumstance. People who are discriminated against, people who need us to show that we care. Charity requires us to be our best, to want for others and to do for others what we would want done for ourselves, our children and our families.

So the question we pose to you today is does your emotions, thoughts and acts of love extend to children, women and men that you do not know, whom you may never meet, who may not look like or sound like you or believe as you do?

If your answer is YES (Scroll down to the next paragraph).
If your answer is NO? Ask yourself the following questions...

How Are You Really Doing

How Are You Really Doing?

It is important to not only help those around us and the people we love but to also take care of our own physical and mental health. Adjusting to the global shut downs, economic losses, job losses, health risks and death tolls as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opening, overwhelming and traumatic experience for the world and while we are experiencing this together we are all unique and respond to it differently.

There is also added anxiety and we expect to get a better sense of the real toll that all of this has taken on our minds, families and livelihoods now that some countries are slowly re-opening businesses and easing travel restrictions, while others remain in a state of emergency.

Today's article is a check-in and a check-up on our amazing readers to not only see how everyone is doing but most importantly to provide tips and strategies that will help to reduce anxiety, manage stress and help others who may be having a harder time than most coping mentally.

One in five people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime and the month of May has been observed as Mental Health Awareness month since 1949. With that in mind we hope this article helps to create awareness and break the stigma associated with anxiety and depression.

The Beauty Of Life

The Beauty Of Life.

This article is inspired by and titled after an original song composed and performed by seven year old Abriel. He created it to "warm people's hearts, bring joy and remind us of the Beauty of Life" during the global social distancing and stay at home measures as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic."

It's endearing to see children tap into their creativity, display compassion and find their own unique way to try to understand all the changes in the world at this time. While also reaching out to help and uplift those who may be feeling isolated. Or who may not be coping as well with this slower pace of life and the losses brought about by this pandemic.

If like seven year old Abriel, you are able to create a beautiful song, poem or work of art to share with others that will uplift their spirits, bring joy, comfort and simply help them get through another day, please don't hesitate to do just that.