Five Steps To A Greener Lifestyle

Five Steps To A Greener Lifestyle.

Many people feel overwhelmed when considering a greener lifestyle, because they believe that this lifestyle means big changes and even bigger investments. Fortunately, even small behavior changes like the five listed below can make a big impact in your shift to a greener, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Read on to discover them...

Decor Days Easy and Stylish Ways To Welcome Spring.

Decor Days: Easy & Stylish Ways To Welcome Spring. 

The beautiful days of spring are here and as trees begin to bud and flowers bloom all around us, we can't help but notice everyone's jovial mood as we say goodbye to the winter blues and embrace the warmer temperatures and colorful outdoors.

Since we spend so much time indoors during the winter season, a stylish spring home makeover is the perfect way to mimic the seasonal changes that are occurring in nature, in your own home. Read on to be inspired by the beautiful home decor ideas below that will help you welcome spring with easy and effortless style...

What To Know Before Your First Facial

Beauty 101: What To Know Before Your First Facial.

Facials should be a vital part of your skincare regimen in order to keep clear, healthy and glowing skin. While it may not always be possible to do so monthly, getting a facial done, even just a couple of times a year can produce beautiful results and provide many benefits to your overall appearance and the health of your skin.

If you haven't had the chance to visit your local beauty salon for a facial, read on to find out what you can expect...

Beauty Haul Pretty Lip Colors For Spring

Beauty Haul: Pretty Lip Colors For Spring.

One of our favorite ways to achieve an easy and effortless makeover for spring is by switching up the deep, rich lip colors worn during winter for natural, pastel and bright lip colors that perfectly compliment the pretty blooms of the spring season.

Read on to see the lip gloss/ lipstick shades that we are currently loving and for inspiration on the lip colors to add to your spring beauty haul...

Destination Colorful Cities

Destination Colorful Cities.

The fabulous days of spring are here and we've got caught a heavy dose of spring fever and the travel bug, that's left us fawning over dream-destinations filled with romance, stunning architecture and beautiful cities splashed with pretty pastels and fun bright colors.

Read on to see which colorful cities made our dream destinations list and choose the ones to add to your travel bucket list...

6 Ways To Style Your Smartphone To Standout

6 Ways To Style Your Smartphone To Standout.

Your phone is an extension of you. Your whole life seems to fit inside it. Your phone goes with you everywhere and lives in your hand, so it should be as stylish as your handbag and reflect your personality even more clearly. In other words, it should be uniquely yours.

Are you ready to start styling your smartphone as a one-of-a-kind accessory? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Fabulous Beachwear For A Tropical Getaway.

Fabulous Beachwear For A Tropical Getaway.

Spring is quickly approaching and if you're planning a much needed spring break getaway to a tropical destination. We've rounded up the most fabulous swimwear, beach dresses and beach accessories for a fun and stylish vacation!

Read on to discover this year's must-try swimwear styles from off-shoulder and ruffles bikinis to high-waist and cut-out swimsuits. Plus the coolest monogrammed beach hats, beach bags and sexy beach coverups...

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