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World Refugee Day Keep Families Together

World Refugee Day & Keeping Families Together.

It's World Refugee Day and we are honored to partner with our fellow Clever bloggers and Amnesty International to bring attention to an ongoing human rights crisis, and we need your help to not only spread awareness but to take meaningful action that will help bring about change and make a difference in the lives of the men, women and children affected by the Zero Tolerance Policy at the US southern borders.

The Human Rights Issue:

Right now, the U.S. government is forcibly separating families seeking safety in the U.S. These families are fleeing persecution and horrific violence, often from Central America. Instead of being able to ask for asylum with dignity and security, they are treated cruelly. Children are taken from their parents at the border and put into government-run shelters, often hundreds of miles away from their parents, even when they had documentation proving their relationship to their children.  

Read on to see how you can help reunite these families.  It only takes 5 minutes or less of your time to show that you care.

Life Loss and Mental Health

Life Lessons: Discussion on Life, Loss & Mental Health.

We were shocked by the loss of fashion designer Kate Spade and we were even more torn just a few days later when we learned of the death of world renowned chef Anthony Bourdain. Both were amazing creatives with a passion and talent that few can replicate or imitate.

Their ability to bring us into their world and add joy to our lives through the beauty they created in their respective fields was undeniable and they will be truly missed. Our hearts are especially broken for their children, family and close friends who will feel the searing impact of their loss and have to live with the tragic way in which they chose to end it all.

Creatives like Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and the late comedian Robin Williams are truly sensitive souls, they possess this characteristic which gives them their zest for life, their confidence and their dynamic talent that we all adore. This characteristic is their ability to give 100% of themselves, to open up and let the world in, to create a beautiful world and invite us all to share, see and experience it as they do.

Help Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief and Recovery

Giving Back: Hurricane Maria Relief & Recovery.

The Caribbean island and people of Dominica, need YOU, they need your sympathy, your compassion, your love and most of all they need your help to simply survive in the weeks and months to come as the brutal heat of the sun beats down on what's left of a once lush and green island with an abundance of clean flowing rivers and a vibrant people filled with kindness and love.

Now hope is all they have, since they have lost everything, not just material comforts but their loved ones, family and friends who either perished or are still missing after the historic storm, Category 5 Hurricane Maria. We are asking you to join us in supplying life sustaining food, water and other basic essentials like providing shelter for children, the elderly, women, men and an entire nation severely affected by the ravages and destructive force of nature.

Five Steps To A Greener Lifestyle

Five Steps To A Greener Lifestyle.

Many people feel overwhelmed when considering a greener lifestyle, because they believe that this lifestyle means big changes and even bigger investments. Fortunately, even small behavior changes like the five listed below can make a big impact in your shift to a greener, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Read on to discover them...

fun and unique ways to give back

Fun & Unique Ways To Give Back To Your Community.

I love giving back, helping others and making a positive change in my community. I am originally from a third world country and understand first hand the importance of as well as the difference that having proper health care, a good home and food can have on one's life.

Which is why it is an honor to partner with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to spread the word about their  important and heart warming Band Together campaign where they will donate a record breaking $2 million to support the amazing and much needed charities that address the issues of health, home and hunger.  I am also sharing some of the fun and unique ways that I use to give back to my local  community with the hope that it will inspire you to do the same!
"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity"-Martin Luther King

One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (shown above), it resonates with me because it's a call to act in this moment, to rise above my own concerns and to consider the concerns of all humanity. Quotes like this one and the valuable life lessons I learned from my family has instilled in me the principle to help others, whether they are family, friends or strangers.

Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day!
March 8th is recognized around the world as the day to celebrate women, our accomplishments, achievements, women who inspire us and also as a day to celebrate how far we have come in achieving equal rights for women while raising awareness for the many issues that still hinder the lives of women and girls.
"I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman that's me" - Maya Angelou

Take time today to wish all the women in your life Happy Women's Day and click here to read the stories of fabulous, strong and intelligent women from all walks of life that inspire us and to learn more about the continued struggle for women's rights around the world.

Tips For Blogging And Small Business Success

Journey To Success: Lush Fab Glam Editor Shares Valuable Blogging & Business Success Tips.

As of 2013 it was estimated that there was over 152 million blogs on the internet, thousands are created every year, unfortunately many of them go stagnant and disappear within the first two years. My name is MJ, I am a wife, new mom and I recently celebrated five years as a successful online entrepreneur/small business owner and I did it all with one blog that defied the odds and surpassed even my expectations.
Today, I am sharing my journey to success and how I made my dream to be an independent writer and editor come true. You will read about my successes as well as my mistakes, the lessons I have learned and the ones that I am still learning. As well as how blogging went from being just my passion to a massive platform that I use to connect with people around the world,  a successful business and my way to give back.

Batkid Begins: One Child, One Wish, Millions Given Hope.

Batkid Begins: One Child, One Wish, Millions Given Hope.

Most kids get to read about, watch TV shows and movies about or dress up as their favorite superhero for costume or birthday parties, but one incredibly lucky boy had his wish come true. When he not only became Batkid for a day but won over the hearts of the city of San Francisco and America as we followed his spectacular journey!

Batkid Begins is an exciting new documentary directed by independent filmmaker Dana Nachman, which tells the story of how Miles Scott’s one wish came to fruition and why it resonated with so many people around the world.

On November 15, 2013, San Francisco was transformed into “Gotham City” for one very special 5-year-old boy named Miles Scott, who had fought leukemia (and won!). Miles had one wish: to be Batkid, but no one could anticipate how many millions of hearts he’d capture when that wish became reality thanks to thousands of volunteers supporting Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area.

Happy International Women's Day 2014.

Happy International Women's Day!

Hello fashionistas and beautistas from around the globe. March 8th is designated as the the day to celebrate WOMEN. Today we embrace all that makes us feminine and celebrate what it means to be a woman.

We have put together an amazing round up, featuring the stories of fabulous, strong and intelligent women from all walks of life and highlighting the issues facing women and the continued struggle for women's rights around the world. Read on to be inspired...

We Celebrate Iconic Black Women In Fashion And Beauty.

We Celebrate Iconic Black Women In Fashion And Beauty.

We are spotlighting the beautiful women who paved the way for black designer and models and broke down racial barriers in both the fashion and beauty industries which unfortunately even today are still severely lacking when it comes to ethnic diversity.

Some of these beautiful women you will immediately recognize as they broke racial barriers and gave women of color a face and place on the runways, magazine covers and ad campaigns of renowned brands worldwide.

Others you may have never heard of but their history making achievements will leave you wanting to know more. Read on to see our complete of list of Black Women Who Paved The Way In The Fashion And Beauty Industries...

Women Who Inspire: Olympian Erin Hamlin Gives Back.

Women Who Inspire: Olympian Erin Hamlin Gives Back.

Congratulations are in order for U.S Olympian Erin Hamlin, who made history when she became the first American to win an Olympic medal for the Luge Singles on February 11th 2014. We salute her remarkable accomplishment as she brings home the bronze medal and becomes a positive role model for young girls.

We are even more inspired that Erin Hamlin, together with Citi® is giving back to the program that sparked her journey to becoming a U.S. Olympian. She has teamed up with the USA Luge Slider Search to introduce kids of all backgrounds to the luge sport and to find candidates who have what it takes to become the best in the country and our future Olympic athletes.

Help Erin Hamlin and nine other U.S Olympians give back with the Every Step of the Way® program. Citi® donated $500,000 to the U.S. Olympic Committee to help support these community programs and now it's your turn to help award Citi's donation to any program with just a click!

Read on to see an amazing video snippet of Erin Hamlin's inspiring story and her journey to the 2014 Olympics.  And don't forget to visit Citi® Every Step of the Way® to learn more about this incredible program and to choose where the $500k donation goes during the fun, exciting and inspiring olympic season!

Think Pink: Shop In October For Breast Cancer Awareness.

Think Pink: Shop In October For Breast Cancer Awareness.

Lush Fab Glam is recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness month this October and we would like you to join us in raising awareness and shopping for the cause. This month we encourage you to think pink and look fashionably chic while supporting the fight to cure breast cancer.

Read on to see our top beauty, jewelry and lifestyle picks that include limited edition products and collections with proceeds from your purchase donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Finding Kind: A Must-See Documentary On Girls & Bullying + Win Free Movies.

Finding Kind: A Must-See Documentary On Girls & Bullying + Win Free Movies.

** Update: Congratulations to Giveaway Round 1 Winners including Jasmine Lopez and Bethany Nelson and Giveaway Round 2 Winners including Patricia Johnson. Enjoy watching free movies on indieFlix!

It’s been over two years since filmmakers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson set out to change the mindset of girls across the country. The message is simple and the affect profound, be kind. A heart-felt answer to “the mean girls” phenomenon and growing issue of girl crime.

There documentary 'Finding Kind' and it's campaign to end girl bullying has screened in over 500 schools in the US and Canada and continues to be a staple in many institutions with the implementation of “Kind Clubs” and increased demand for screenings.

The viewing of this nationally accredited documentary film has now been extended on IndieFlix until May 31st and we highly recommend that mothers and their daughters watch this incredible eye-opening film together. 

Read on for the documentary synopsis and to watch the official trailer. Plus enter for your chance to be 1 of 10 winners who will receive a two-month subscription to watch this and more amazing films and documentaries on IndieFlix.

Shop For A Cause: Support Autism Awareness.

Shop For A Cause: Support Autism Awareness.

Did you know that April 2nd 2013 was World Autism Awareness Day? It's not too late to show your support for Autism Awareness. Shop with Stella & Dot during the month of April and they will donate 20% off all retail sales from their Autism Awareness collection to the HollyRod Foundation, with a guaranteed minimum $10,000 donation. 

Read on to see some of the fabulous items in the collection and show your support today!

Celebrities Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence You Should Too.

Celebrities Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence You  Should Too.

As we prepare to end another year there are homes where this time will be a sad and somber one, homes like the ones in Newtown, Connecticut where parents have lost their children. We should all give back by helping to make a difference in anyway we can. The families of Newtown, Connecticut suggested performing 26 acts of kindness. Make joining the initiative below be one of them.

A long list of celebrities from Hollywood, entertainment and music industries have joined forces to help promote 'Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence' in America. The lineup includes Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Anniston, Jamie Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Selena Gonez, Jessica Alba, Chris Rock, Reese Witherspoon, John Legend and more.

Read on to see the inspiring video below dedicated to all those who lost their lives through gun violence like the tragic shootings in schools like Sandy Hook etc. To learn more about this initiative and how you can make a difference visit

For The Victims Of The Newtown Connecticut School Shooting.

For The Victims Of The Newtown Connecticut School Shooting.

20 innocent children with a beautiful future ahead of them lost their lives today, for them December 2012 was the end of the world. Their untainted minds and hearts broke as it was senselessly stolen away. Now their souls cry out for mercy, justice and change.

How many more lives must be taken and innocent blood spilled before we wake up and realize that guns were never created to protect people? Guns were created to kill people and to bring hurt, pain and anguish to millions, to destroy the human race while giving financial profit to a select few.

Citizens of America, Citizens of the World 'one day we will have to answer not just for the actions of the evil people but also for the silence of the good.' The time has come to break the silence, WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION before you or someone you love becomes the next victim. May their souls rest in peace and may their deaths not be in vain...

Bringing Change To Your Community Is Only An Idea Or Vote Away.

Bringing Change To Your Community Is Only An Idea Or Vote Away.
This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aviva Community Fund. All opinions are 100% mine.

Making a positive change within our community is something we would all like to do and achieving that goal is much easier and only an idea or vote away thanks to the Aviva Community Fund and their annual charity contest.

This change begins with you, so whether you have an idea to help change your local community or want to support ideas contributed by others we encourage to you get the ball rolling by visiting the Aviva Community Fund website to vote for important ideas like funding local sports and after school music programs for underprivileged children.

Read on for more details on the easy voting process and help support that much needed change in your local community...

Shop For A Cause During Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Shop For A Cause During Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month? You can join Stella & Dot in the fight against breast cancer. Shop any piece from their Breast Cancer Boutique and all net proceeds will be donated to the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to women's cancer research and awareness.

Don't miss this chance to shop for a cause!

10 Disturbing Facts About Injustices Against Women and The Need For Women's Rights!

10 Disturbing Facts About Injustices Against Women and The Need For Women's Rights!

The following statistics are extremely disturbing and reminds us that although we have come a long way in improving women's rights, we still have much further to go to end the inequalities and injustices carried out against women all over the world. Read on for more and to learn how you can help...

1. Women perform 66% of the world’s work, but receive only 11% of the world’s income, and own only 1% of the world’s land.

2. About 75% of the refugees and internally displaced in the world are women who have lost their families and their homes.

Creating Relationships that Transcend Distance, Time and More!

Creating Relationships that Transcend Distance, Time and More! 

The Inspirational Story of Christian the Lion: Humans are widely accepted as the more intelligent and dominant species on this planet but sometimes we can learn more than we thought possible from our animal counterparts, lessons in life, love, friendship and being grateful. 

We would like to share the story of 'Christian The Lion, his YouTube video has been viewed by over 50 million people and his story has touched the lives of many, maybe you can learn from it too. Read on to watch the intriguing video...

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