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Reflections On The Bond Between Mother and Child

Reflections On The Bond Between Mother & Child.

There is a bond that exists like no other, there is a love that transcends all others, it is the bond and love between a mother and child. Today we share with you this incredible letter from a mother to a daughter that will enhance your appreciation for life and increase your gratitude for your mom. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Celebration!

Letter From A Mother To A Daughter:
"My dear girl, the day you see I’m getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I’m going through. If when we talk, I repeat the same thing a thousand times, don’t interrupt to say: “You said the same thing a minute ago”... Just listen, please. Try to remember the times when you were little and I would read the same story night after night until you would fall asleep.

Mothers Day Gifts Fit For A Queen

Mother's Day Gifts Fit For A Queen.

We welcome the month of May with great excitement since it is the month when we get to celebrate the woman responsible for giving us life, bringing us into the world and loving us unconditionally from day one. Moms are royalty and should be showered with love everyday but on Mother's Day she should be honored with gestures and gifts that are fit for a queen!

The closer we get to Mother's Day, the more the pressure to find the perfect gift for mom builds up and last minute gifts don't quite make the cut since they lack the thoughtfulness and preparation that mom deserves. This year you can get off to an early start planning and creating a wonderful day that mom will always treasure with the fabulous tips and Mother's Day gifts featured below.

Chic Nursery Decor and Gifts For Baby

Chic Nursery Decor & Gifts For Baby.

When the hubby and I found out that we were expecting we chose to not find out the sex of our baby and while many may find hosting a baby shower and decorating a nursery difficult without knowing the baby's gender we chose to embrace the element of surprise and wonderful excitement that comes with meeting your baby for the first time at birth.

We decorated our baby nursery in neutral colors, chose a custom painted silver grey crib, changing table, rocking chair and dresser and left everything else quite neutral in shades of white and ivory. We added texture with faux fur rugs, a quilted changing pad and throw pillows. While playful wall art and cute metallic animals figurines added visual interest.

Now that the light, airy and simple but sophisticated decor trend is finally being embraced in kids rooms and nurseries, we are sharing our favorite finds to help you get the look. Whether you are a mom-to-be or know someone who is expecting, these chic and neutral nursery decor and newborn essentials will make the perfect addition to your baby shower gift list or a beautiful welcome baby present..

Make Exploring Safe For Your Little Mover

How To Make Exploring Safe For Your Little Mover.

Kids grow up so fast one minute we were overjoyed and impatient to meet our baby and then the next minute he was holding on to tables and chairs to lift himself and before we knew it, we had to baby proof every room because our former eat, sleep and poop baby was now a curious Little Mover who enjoys chasing his balls and moving his trains and cars around.

Your home is most likely the place your baby will learn to crawl or take his or her first steps. Ensuring that it is safe and baby proof will not only give you peace of mind but will make for a fun and comfortable learning and development environment for your growing baby or toddler.
Below we are sharing the safety checklist that we used to baby proof our home. As well as a few vital tips we learned along the way that parents-to-be as well as experienced moms and dads can benefit from...

Embracing Fatherhood and Celebrating Dads with Gerber.

Embracing Fatherhood and Celebrating Dads with Gerber.
Year after a year it feels like we make a big deal when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day while dads get left out in the cold. For years now the role that men play in helping to raise their children has been changing and daddy time is no longer reserved for just sports games and birthday parties.

When men are given the chance to take a more active role in their children's lives and are involved in the process of caring for, nurturing, teaching and even feeding their little ones from conception and onward, it naturally changes the type of bond and the strength of the connection that they share with their children in a very positive way.

One of my fondest memories from my early childhood was of my dad braiding my hair and taking care of me when my mom was sick. That particular memory stuck with me because it's not very often that you hear about Dads who can braid their daughter's hair. I can't vouch for the quality of the braid but it was the mere act of his stepping up and taking on the role that my mom usually played wholeheartedly.

While I may not remember much from that time of my life, I remember that moment and it stands out in an amazing way. Now that I think back on it, I can also see how that moment influenced my decision about the character of and the type of man that I would choose to marry.

Last Minute But Extraordinary Gifts For Mom.

Last Minute But Extraordinary Gifts For Mom.

Mother's Day is almost here and it is officially last minute for all procrastinators who are feeling the panic set in when it comes to finding the perfect gift for mom. Fear not because it is not too late to find gifts that mom will love! Our Mother's Day Gift Guide is filled with fabulous and extraordinary gift ideas that are definitely not average. Click Here or on the image below to see the complete Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Adorable Gifts For Newborn Babies From Gymboree.

Adorable Gifts For Newborn Babies From Gymboree.

Gymboree has just released their newest line for newborns featuring bodysuits, hooded towels, bibs, and more adorable clothing for babies in colors and designs that are just too cute for words. We especially fell head-over-heels for the sweet printed bodysuits that are the perfect gifts for a baby shower, to give to new parents once baby arrives or to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day.
A sneak peek of Gymboree's newborn line for girls.
Read on to see more of the fun, bright and cuddly spring color fashion for newborns that we are gushing over...

Back To School Time Saving Tips

Back To School Time Saving Tips
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Being a parent has it's challenges and it is always rewarding when someone recognizes your effort, the time we put in, the hard work we do and most importantly how even in the moments when we are totally exhausted and have nothing else to give we somehow find the strength to wake up, love and care for our children.

We ignore all the constraints, obstacles and challenges from sleeplessness to exhaustion, especially during back to school when it feels like there is not enough time in the day to do it all. These are the moments when we need a pat on the back and to hear three up-lifting words "you're Doin Good".

This is why we have teamed up with Minute Maid® to remind each and every mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and foster parents who are nurturing, raising and grooming our precious little citizens of humanity that they are "Doin Good!"

Let's Get Nautical: The Cutest Kids Summer Fashion.

Let's Get Nautical: The Cutest Kids Summer Fashion.
This post is brought to you by Tea Collection. All opinions are mine.

Summer is officially here and with school break in full swing, moms all over the world are busy planning fun adventures and experiences to keep our little ones entertained all summer long. Whether you are preparing them for kids camps, joining a sports team, family road trips or family getaways to dream destinations your always growing will need some fun and fabulous summer fashion.
We have fallen head over heels in love with the new nautical themed collection from Tea. Plus we love how they double as the perfect red, white and blue, stars and stripes look for the fourth of July/ Independence Day long weekend celebration. Head on over to Tea to shop the looks featured above and more adorable looks for your little prince: Shop Boys Styles at Tea Collection and/ or for your little princess: Shop Girls Styles at Tea Collection with sizes available for children 0 to 12 years old.

New Jungle Patchwork Kids Fashion Collection.

Fab Finds: New Jungle Patchwork Kids Fashion Collection.

This post is brought to you by Tea Collection.

Boy oh boy do we love the super adorable and oh so cute kids fashion and one of our favorite children's clothing stores Tea Collection has just released their new India Jungle inspired patchwork collection. Filled with wild, adventurous and beautiful designs that your little nature tracker and explorers will love.

Whether you're planning a family winter getaway, a spring break getaway or need to replenish your ever growing child's spring and summer wear. Head on over to Tea Collection to see all their new arrivals including the creative and colorful Jungle collection. Read on to learn more about the designers and inspiration and for a sneak peek of the new collection...

The Perfect Gadgets For Kids.

The Perfect Gadgets For Kids.

(This guest post is brought to you by our sponsor Gazelle).

In the ever-changing – and ever-breaking – era of technology, phones are often the first to be replaced. Cracked screens, water damage and everyday wear and tear contribute to a constant need for new devices.

The average buyer is not the only offender; it’s children that need to be watched with their gadgets while learning the responsibility of owning a new electronic. For parents looking to fit their child with a first device, a new iPhone may not be the best choice – and for good reason...

Gifts For Your Little Citizen + A Free Gift For Mom.

Gifts For Your Little Citizen + A Free Gift For Mom.

This post is brought to you by our affiliate Tea Collection.

Shopping for our little cutie is one of our favorite things about the holiday season and if you are still on the hunt for stylish and trendy gifts for your little one we've discovered the perfect pieces they can wear during the holidays and be comfy-cozy in through out the winter season.

Tea the fashion destination for kids wear has just released their new Citizen Blue Collection filled with cute, fun, colorful and kid fabulous designs for baby, toddler, boy or girl. Plus they're giving away a free gift for mom too! Read on for details and to see more of our favorites from the collection...

Stylish & Essential Holiday Gifts For Kids.

Stylish & Essential Holiday Gifts For Kids.

During the winter season it's easy to be caught unprepared, especially when outfitting kids. While hats, scarves and maybe even gloves may still fit from the previous winter season, a growth spurt will likely mean you have to replace your children's coats and especially boots.

Since foot sizes can jump quite a bit for children from one winter to the next, the holiday season is the perfect time to find the stylish and comfortable cold weather foot gear your kids need, from socks and slippers to quality boots. They are winter essentials that your kids will need but also make stylish additions to their winter wardrobes and fabulous holiday gifts.

Stylish Fall Wear For Your Little Fashion Star.

Stylish Fall Wear For Your Little Fashion Star.

Today's fab deals will help you save on stylish fall wear for your little fashion star. Now is the perfect time to shop for their layered clothing, fall into winter coats, pretty dresses and pants outfits for thanksgiving,  family get-togethers and get a stress free start to your holiday gift shopping.

Save an additional 40% of all kids clothing and accessories from newborn to size 12 with savings of up to 80% at Gymboree. Plus stock up on cute shoes because we all know how quickly they grow out of them! Click here to shop Gymboree's 40% off everything sale!

Shows To Watch: Amazon's New Annedroids Children's Series.

Shows To Watch: Amazon's New Annedroids Children's Series.

'Created by Emmy-nominated JJ Johnson (Dino Dan) and Sinking Ship Entertainment, and aimed at children aged four through seven, Annedroids is a live-action adventure series following a young female genius, her human friends, android assistants and the amazing scientific discoveries they make while undertaking the biggest experiment of them all: growing up.'

It was remarkable to spend family time watching Annedroids, a series that not only featured a female lead actress but also encouraged children to think outside the box. Taking them far beyond the typical fairy tales stories and instead portraying real life scenarios where children use their imagination and intelligence to create things that are not only cool but groundbreaking. 

The fact that Annedroids encourages children to use their knowledge of science makes it informative, a learning medium as well as fun! Click here to join the fun and catch up on the previous episodes of Annedroids and read on to see cool clips from the series...

How To Prepare Your Daughter for Pageants.

How To Prepare Your Daughter for Pageants.

Getting your daughter ready for her first pageant requires planning. There are a lot of elements that go into creating a pageant winner, and getting your family prepared is an important step in the process.

1. Start Small
If you want to start your daughter in pageants, start with local events that are held in smaller venues. These smaller pageants are a great way for her to get her start and to get used to being on stage. Judges are often a bit more lax on the requirements for local pageants, so it is a good chance to get in some good practice before moving on to larger state and national pageants. 

A Smiling Milestone: Introducing Your Little One To Oral Care.

A Smiling Milestone: Introducing Your Little One To Oral Care.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.
Now that our little one has grown his little pearly whites, eight for a cute smile and mischievous toothy grin and four more to help him chew on the apples, pears and other foods that he is newly discovering and enjoying so much, especially baby wheat and oatmeal cookies. Simply rubbing his gums with a washcloth no longer works as well and we had to start considering better options for oral care.

The biggest question in our minds was how do we get a still teething toddler to enjoy brushing his teeth? How do you convince a toddler that placing this plastic object (a toothbrush) in his mouth, which he could not take a bite out off and would not taste delicious like the foods he's been sampling is actually a good thing for him? Ahhhh the dilemmas of new parents.

We did a little research on the internet, browsed through some other parent friendly blogs and even asked for a little advice from our family and friends who were parents as well. At the end of it all we realized that it was much easier than we had expected and all our fussing was much-a-do about nothing.

Memorial Weekend Shopping Sales And Deals!

Memorial Weekend Shopping Sales And Deals!

This post is brought to you by our affiliate partner Tea Collection.

It's here! Not only is this weekend the official start to summer but it's also a fantastic weekend to shop till you drop and take advantage of all the fabulous sales including Tea Collection's Memorial Day Sale, which are on all weekend to Monday, May 26th!

Plus it's the perfect time to go summer outfit shopping for your little one so he/she can be playfully stylish during all the fun summer parties, festivities and adventures ahead!  Head on over to Tea Collection's online store now to shop for for sweet summer dresses starting at just $15 or for surf and sand-inspired tees for boys are just $12 and adventure-ready boys' pants and shorts start at only $15. It's quite the steal!

It's Time To Go Spring Shopping.

It's Time To Go Spring Shopping.

There is nothing better than spreading love to friends and family and that is just what Tea Collection is doing this spring! For two days only April 22nd and 23rd get 20% off everything at Tea Collection during their Friends & Family Sale.

Take advantage of this fab sale and pick up twirly dresses, colorful Tees and sweet baby items for your little ones this summer. Also check out Tea's new sporty selection of swimsuits for your little water bug. Read on to get the promo code so you can shop and SAVE!

Got The Olympic Fever?

Got The Olympic Fever?

As the Sochi 2014 Olympic games begin to wind down, the excitement is still building up, especially in the Olympic hockey arena where team USA takes on Team Canada in back to back games. We cheered on the women's hockey game and can't wait to watch the men's semi-final game on Friday.

Mabel's Labels is getting into the spirit and celebrating the hockey finals by offering 25% off Personalized Hockey Sticky Labels. This is the perfect way to bring the Olympics from the TV screen and into your home by getting your kids into organizing mode with a fun twist. Read on for the promo code and let us know which team you will be rooting for.
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