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Magical Winter Scenery

Magical Winter Scenery.

Another snowy winter day is another sublime reminder of the magical beauty of the winter season. There is no need to let the winter blues set in when you switch your view from your office walls, to the wonders of snow covered mountains peaks, tree tops and lakes or to the mesmerizing dance of  snowflakes gently falling to the ground. Simply put, nature plus winter equals magic and you don't want to miss it!

If you can't put on your snowshoes and winter jacket and  head out to the country or park to enjoy the magical winter scenery, we have brought them to you. Read on to be  mesmerized...

Dream Destination Beautiful Spring Flower Gardens

Dream Destination: Beautiful Spring Flower Gardens.

In this week's dream destinations series we are embracing the outdoors and encouraging you to have a fabulous spring  stay-cation by exploring the beautiful botanical gardens, flower nurseries and flower markets in your local area.

The beauty that awaits you there in the spring season is positively astounding and you will witness the fantastic bursts of color as the prettiest spring blooms come to life.

Read on to see our favorite spring blooms to photograph and take home to create gorgeous spring bouquets. From lovely ranunculus to pretty peonies, beautiful cherry blossoms to breathtaking tulips and more...

Wanderlust Beautiful Spring Blooms

Wanderlust: Beautiful Spring Blooms.

E.E. Cummings once said that "the earth laughs in flowers", the truth in those words is even more apparent during the spring and summer seasons when nature comes to life all around us. Over the past few weeks we have been getting lost in the beauty of the spring season while capturing some of the most amazing nature photos of our favorite spring blooms, from pretty cherry blossoms to elegant peonies, delicate lilacs and more.
Read on to see some of our favorites from our flower garden tours, plus see more beautiful blooms as we snap and share them on our Instagram page @lushfabglam...

Exploring Beautiful Gardens

Exploring Beautiful Gardens.

The colder temperatures of the fall season always makes us look back and appreciate the beautiful days of summer when the backyard was 'the place to be' and exploring beautiful gardens was as amazing as days spent at the beach.
Beautiful Gardens 1

As we say welcome to the fall season and bid farewell to the warm temperatures we dedicate this lifestyle and leisure issue to beautiful gardens. From colorful oasis to elaborately landscaped and manicured dream gardens and roof-top gardens with the most spectacular city views that culminate into a fabulous combination of cityscape and nature...

Dream Destinations: Dubai's Spectacular Miracle Gardens.

Dream Destinations: Dubai's Spectacular Miracle Gardens.

We bid a joyful hello and welcome to the beautiful month of March! After the winter that we've had, we can't wait to welcome spring at the end of this month. Join us all month long as we usher in spring with posts covering bright, bold and beautiful fashion, beauty tips, nail art designs, the most amazing nature photos and spring decor inspiration.

We begin the work week by ushering in spring with spectacular photos from the world's biggest natural flower garden, Dubai's Miracle Garden! Read on to take a virtual vacation to the United Arab Emirates and beautiful Dubai... Happy March!

Tuesday Ten: Winter's Spectacular And Iridescent Beauty

Tuesday Ten: Winter's Spectacular & Iridescent Beauty.

Between last week's frigid temperatures and snow fall one of our favorite seasons became a nightmare and we needed a few reasons to remember why winter is actually one of the most beautiful season's of the year. This week's Tuesday Ten round-up does just that.

Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with the winter season, the snow frost and the spectacular scenes that it creates as our bare-leaved trees, lakes and mountains are transformed into an iridescent, other worldly, winter wonder land.
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