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How To Create A Stylish Wall Gallery.

Home Decor Tips: How To Create A Stylish Wall Gallery.

Spring is officially her and it's the perfect time for a fabulous home makeover with small changes that make a big impact in your home design. Our current home decor crush is the gorgeous wall gallery. It's an easy way to add instant glamour to any room and create a focal point to captivate guests and create conversation.

Read on to see some of the fabulous ways that you can incorporate a photo,  mirror or art wall gallery in your home's design, especially in rooms where they will make he biggest impact like the entryway, staircase, living room, dining room and even your home office...

Home Decor Trends White and Blue Ginger Jars

Home Decor Trends: Beautiful Chinoiserie Ginger Jars.

Don't you just love it when trends recycle like the glorious return of lace and embroidered floral fabrics in the past few years. Thankfully the recycling of beautiful trends is not limited to the fashion industry and the return of this traditional home decor trend has us swooning.

We are referring to beautiful white and blue chinoiserie, which add timeless elegance and a pop of beautiful color to traditional, contemporary and modern home decor. Read on to see the stylish ways to incorporate fabulous chinoiserie ginger jars into your home design.

Luxury Living: Glamorous In Gold Home Design.

Luxury Living: Glamorous In Gold Home Design.

The world of interior design and home décor has always been a favorite of Lush Fab Glam readers as we provide you with inspiration for decorating the rooms in your homes and office space. Lately we have gravitated toward the latest fab trend in home design the re-emergence of 1950s-1970's influences and the use of metallic colors like gold, silver, brass and bronze in home furnishing and décor pieces.

Below we are sharing a fabulous take on this trend and a tantalizing look at how to transform any room in your home into a modern and luxurious space using gold home décor, furniture and accent pieces.


The color gold symbolizes, royalty, luxury and makes an undeniable style statement when properly used in home décor. The key is to find the right balance when decorating, too much gold can come across as old world and stuffy, while too little gold may seem like you missed the mark. So how do you find the right balance when decorating with metallic gold? Read on to be inspired...
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