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Best Summer Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Best Summer Hairstyles for Fine Hair.

Summer is almost here and today we are talking with Lavada Dale, the Founder of Haircredible, a luxury line of harmful-chemical free hair styling products that are not tested on animals. She is sharing hair styling tips and the best summer hairstyles for women with naturally fine hair.

Read on to learn how to keep your hair from going limp or dull and how to overcome styling challenges to make your fine hair look and feel incredible this summer!

MTV Movie Awards 2017 Best Celebrity Hairstyles

MTV Movie Awards 2017 Best Celebrity Hairstyles.

With a host of spring parties, summer weddings and stylish outings in our calendar we are always on the look out for fabulous hairstyles to try and this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards provided tons of inspiration!

Read on to see our top ten, must-try celebrity hairstyles and haircuts both on and off the MTV Awards red carpet that will take you from the office to nights on the town, and everyday wear to weekend celebrations in glam style...

Fabulous Spring and Summer Hairstyle Trends

Fabulous Spring and Summer Hairstyle Trends.

Looking for a fresh and fabulous hairstyle for the beautiful spring and summer months? We are drawing inspiration from the best in the hair styling industry as we take a look back at the biggest hair trends from the Runways of New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2017.

Read on to see how to get the sleek and wet look, the bohemian plaited braids and why bangs are the way to go if you plan on chopping off your mane this spring or summer...

Bye Bye Bad Hair Days With Jill Crosby

Bye, Bye Bad Hair Days: Tips & Tricks From Our Interview With Celebrity Stylist Jill Crosby.

Thank you Women's ROGAINE® for sponsoring this post.

It's not every day that you get to interview a celebrity stylist and learn first hand from the pros the tips and tricks used in the industry and in Hollywood to get celebrities ready for the red carpet and press events. Which is why we were thrilled to interview celebrity stylist Jill Crosby, the Women’s ROGAINE® Brand Ambassador, who styles the tresses of male and female celebs. Including actresses Diane Keaton, Anna Faris, Morena Baccarin, Allison Janney and Julie Bowen who stars alongside Sofia Vergara in the hit TV Show 'Modern Family'.

Read on to discover the hair care myths that Jill busts, tips on the best hairstyles and haircuts for you, the beauty tools and products that every woman should have in her hair care arsenal. Plus the latest and greatest hair loss treatments to help you say 'bye, bye to bad hair days'!

How To Get Thicker, Fuller Hair Instantly

Beauty Hacks: How To Get Thicker, Fuller Hair Instantly.
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Every woman wants beautiful full bodied hair, especially during the summer months when we ditch our lazy top buns and ponytails for fabulous hairstyles that compliment our pretty summer dresses as we attend weddings, head out for a stylish girls night or on a romantic alfresco date at the trendiest spots in the city with our beau.

We have partnered with Toppik Hair Building Fibers to share the most incredible beauty hack that will instantly transform your fine or thinning hair into thicker, fuller looking tresses so you can confidently wear your favorite hairstyles or try the hottest summer hair trends. Read on to see my own fuller hair transformation and discover why Toppik Hair Building Fibers should be a part of your hair styling regimen...

Like our skin, our hair is affected by the way we style it, the products we use and how we care for it. Regular things like coloring our hair, blow drying, hot curling, straightening with a hair relaxer and even natural things like, sweating, frequently wearing tight ponytails and the side-effects of pregnancy has affected the thickness and fullness of our hair over the last few years, especially at the roots.

Fall Hairstyle Trends And Hair Care Tips.

Fall Hairstyle Trends And Hair Care Tips.

The sunny, carefree days of summer are coming to an end and we are getting ready for the beautiful autumn season when the foliage change colors and we add on layers of stylish designs including our favorite beauty looks and hairstyle trends for the fall season.

The only hiccup is that after months of humid, summer days spent in chlorinated pools and soaking up the sun and sea salt at the beach. Our manes are in need of an intense, hydrating shampoo and conditioner that promotes healthy scalp and hair so we can confidently try the amazing hairstyles from the fall 2015 fashion runways featured below...

Beat The Heat With A Chic Summer Haircut.

Beat The Heat With A Chic Summer Haircut.

Are you considering switching up your look or chopping off your longer locks and trying a new hairstyle for the sizzling summer months? While a hair makeover sounds like a fabulous idea you may not be ready to take the plunge and try a short bob or angled bob haircut.

No need to fret you can still get your chic makeover and keep your hair long enough for an elegant up-do hairstyle or an easy, fuss-free bun by trying one of these gorgeous hairstyles for medium length hair. Seen on celebrities like actress Jennifer Lawrence and fashionista Olivia Palermo.

Read on to see all the fabulous ways you can beat the sizzling heat and keep you hair chic and stylish all summer long!

Join The Movement To Love Your Curls.

Join The Movement To Love Your Curls + A Fabulous Freebie.

This fab freebie post is brought to you by Dove. All opinions are mine.

Attention all curly hair‬ beauties! Join the movement to celebrate your gorgeous, natural ‪‎hair and empower young girls to embrace their fabulous curly mane as well!

Read on for a sneak peek of our customized LoveYourCurls‬ eBook with a special message for Lush Fab Glam's curly hair readers. Plus you can download the eBook for yourself and/ or personalize and address this fabulous freebie to another curly hair beauty in your life. The original book is also available for use by educators, in schools and in groups/organizations.

Fabulous Hairstyles For A Spring Break Getaway.

Fabulous Hairstyles For A Spring Break Getaway.

Spring break is finally here and if you are planning a fun-filled and fabulous getaway, preferably to a warm destination. We have rounded up the easiest, carefree and fabulously chic hairstyles that will get you out the door without a fuss so you can stylishly enjoy your getaway. Read on for more on our spring break hairstyle inspiration and to try your favorites...

1. Beach Chic Hairstyles: 
Carefree tussled loose waves is the perfect look for your sun-kissed getaway and days spent poolside or at the beach.

The Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles And Hair Trends

The Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles & Hair Trends.

We always look to the fashion runways and red carpet beauty trends for inspiration for our next hairstyle, haircuts and hair trends. Especially since the best stylists and beauticians are the ones responsible for the gorgeous hair-dos that actresses Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez etc. wear to movie premieres and award shows.

2015 is no different as the People's Choice Awards and the Golden Globe Awards provided the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the trends. Like the sleek and swept back hairstyle which practically every one was rocking or the envious angled side bob, which will be 'the must-try haircut' of the 2015 spring/summer season.

Read on to see the best hair styles and hair trends and for more red carpet beauty inspiration that you should try.

12 Fabulous And Silky Hairstyles For Fall

12 Fabulous And Silky Hairstyles For Fall.

Now that the fall season is officially here we can't wait to try the gorgeous hairstyles that were featured on the fall 2014 fashion show runways. We're sharing fall's hottest hair trends, our favorite hairstyles and amazing tips on how you can get silky, smooth hair so you can confidently recreate and rock these fabulous hairstyles. Whether you love chic braided hair, high-fashion ponytails or elegant up-dos, these beautiful fall hairstyles are a must try! Read on to see them all...

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride.

Are you a bride to be getting ready for your fabulous walk down the aisle? Then this post is just what you  need when deciding on how to wear you hair for your upcoming wedding day. From floral embellished hairstyles, to up-do's and curls accessorized with pretty hair pins, sparkly clips and glamorous curls. Read on to see them all...

Wedding Inspiration: The Prettiest Braided Hairstyles For The Bride.

Wedding Inspiration: The Prettiest Braided Hairstyles For The Bride.

Beautiful brides are getting ready to make their glamorous walk down the aisle and celebrate in style during their wedding ceremony. As a bride-to-be you will need an equally amazing hairstyle to complement your dream wedding dress.

Read on to see five fabulous braided hairstyles accented with pretty flowers, sweet lace hair clips, glamorous crystal hair pins and  brooches to take you one step closer to being the most gorgeous bride on your wedding day!...

Fabulous In Five Minutes: D.I.Y Ponytail Hairstyles.

Fabulous In Five Minutes: D.I.Y Ponytail Hairstyles.

After a weekend of sleeping in and relaxing, waking up and heading out the door for work on Monday mornings can feel like a chore. That's why we have put together 20+ fabulous hairstyle ideas to help make your mornings and getting out the house in general just a little bit easier.
Whether you're heading to the office, dropping your kids off to school, running errands or attending a post work dinner where your prep time is limited, try one of the D.I.Y in 5 minutes or less ponytail hairstyles that we recommend below, so you won't have to sacrifice on style. Read on for more photos...

Get Fierce, Fun, Fabulous Hair With Funlights™ Hairlights™.

Get Fierce, Fun, Fabulous Hair With Funlights™ Hairlights™.

Have you considered getting a hair makeover with beautiful highlights in a fun, vibrant color or getting trendy multicolored highlights like actress Jessica Alba and singer Katy Perry who wear their colorful hairstyles with confidence.

Many have dabbled with the idea and then panic sets in at the thought of not having the colors turn out right and getting stuck with a new hair color that leaves us scared to look in the mirror. Not to mention the damage that excessive hair coloring can cause to our lustrous locks.

Well fret no more because our latest fab-find; Funlights™ Hairlights™ will have you confidently trying those hair highlights you always wanted and have fun while doing it! Yes, highlighting your hair can be fun and so easy that even kids can do it, plus you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals. That means you get fierce, fun and fabulous highlights without the fuss associated with coloring your hair! Read on for more...
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