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Summer Vacation Essentials

Summer Vacation Essentials.

Did you know that summer is the most popular time to travel?  Guessing why is rather easy; the sun is out, the temperatures are warmer, the kids are out of school and after being cooped up, everyone has gotten over the winter blues and can't wait to explore new dream destinations.

If you’ve got the travel bug and you’re ready to get out and soak up the sun in a foreign land, whether you're planning a romantic cruise around the Mediterranean or a family vacation to a beautiful beach destination with the kids in tow. We have shared our summer vacation essentials list below with everything you need to know, do and bring along for a fun and carefree travel experience this summer!

Pretty In Pink Dream Destination London

Think Spring, Think Pink: Pretty In Pink Dream Destination London.

We've been counting down the days till the beautiful and warm spring season arrives and now that it's officially here we can't wait for pretty spring flowers to bloom and to head off on fabulous travel adventures.

Pretty In Pink Dream Destination London

Spring is one of the best seasons to travel, first the temperature is just right for long days of sightseeing and enjoying the outdoors. Second, beautiful flowers and trees in bloom make even the most mundane places look absolutely spectacular. Third, after a long dreary winter season everything seems, fresh and new, and our eyes are drawn to beautiful pops of color in nature, architecture and everything that surrounds us.

Read on to see the stunning photos from the dream destination that made the top of our places to visit in spring list. Think spring, think pink and take a virtual tour of the streets, cafes, boutiques and famous neighborhoods of the pretty in pink dream destination city of London, that will provide lots of inspiration for where to visit and stunning photos for your trip...

Why Thailand is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Dream Destinations: Why Thailand is the Perfect Weekend Getaway.

Thailand is the perfect destination for a quick getaway especially for those who live in neighboring countries and wish to escape to a bright and sunny destination with beautiful sandy beaches and spas to help you unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

For those who don’t live too far from Thailand, a weekend trip to this beautiful country is not only possible but also very easy to plan. For instance, you can easily book Kolkata to Bangkok flight tickets just for the weekend. Read on to discover some of the fabulous things you can do while vacationing in Thailand.

Dream Destination Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Dream Destination: Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

The winter season is unique in it's beauty and splendor as it paints the world white and transforms our green earth into a world of crystal icicles, snow topped mountains and frosted trees. The true splendor of winter mesmerizes the eyes, captivates the mind and flutters the heart.

Today we are sharing some of the most breathtaking photos of the world painted white in the peak of winter featuring countries that should most definitely be added to your winter season dream destinations bucket list. From snow covered mountains for ski lovers, to beautiful country homes and cabins for cozy winter retreats and palaces that become even more remarkable and enchanting in winter. Read on to see them all...

Help Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief and Recovery

Giving Back: Hurricane Maria Relief & Recovery.

The Caribbean island and people of Dominica, need YOU, they need your sympathy, your compassion, your love and most of all they need your help to simply survive in the weeks and months to come as the brutal heat of the sun beats down on what's left of a once lush and green island with an abundance of clean flowing rivers and a vibrant people filled with kindness and love.

Now hope is all they have, since they have lost everything, not just material comforts but their loved ones, family and friends who either perished or are still missing after the historic storm, Category 5 Hurricane Maria. We are asking you to join us in supplying life sustaining food, water and other basic essentials like providing shelter for children, the elderly, women, men and an entire nation severely affected by the ravages and destructive force of nature.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Places Around the World!

Breathtakingly Beautiful Places Around the World!

Feast your eyes on some of the most spectacular and breathtakingly, beautiful scenery around the world. From living in the clouds in South America, to picturesque landscapes in Europe and lush waterfalls in Asia!

Read on to see more photos and be mesmerized by the beauty of our world...

Dream Destination Beautiful Spring Flower Gardens

Dream Destination: Beautiful Spring Flower Gardens.

In this week's dream destinations series we are embracing the outdoors and encouraging you to have a fabulous spring  stay-cation by exploring the beautiful botanical gardens, flower nurseries and flower markets in your local area.

The beauty that awaits you there in the spring season is positively astounding and you will witness the fantastic bursts of color as the prettiest spring blooms come to life.

Read on to see our favorite spring blooms to photograph and take home to create gorgeous spring bouquets. From lovely ranunculus to pretty peonies, beautiful cherry blossoms to breathtaking tulips and more...

Destination Colorful Cities

Destination Colorful Cities.

The fabulous days of spring are here and we've got caught a heavy dose of spring fever and the travel bug, that's left us fawning over dream-destinations filled with romance, stunning architecture and beautiful cities splashed with pretty pastels and fun bright colors.

Read on to see which colorful cities made our dream destinations list and choose the ones to add to your travel bucket list...

Lux Travel Essentials and Stylish Travel Gear.

Wanderlust: Lux Travel Essentials & Stylish Travel Gear.

Summer time equals sunny days and travel adventures whether it's quick a weekend retreat, a week long getaway or fun summer long explorations. Since we love sharing our favorite dream destinations and wanderlust travel bucket lists with you, we thought, why not help you get ready for your own travel adventures in style!

This summer we will be sharing our favorite travel essentials from lux travel gear to must-have items that every travel lover needs for jet-setting and road trips. Read on to explore our gallery of stylish travel gear from lux luggage sets to weekender bags that will surely add a dose of class, sass and glam to your next trip...

Wanderlust Maldives: Sneak Peek At Taj Exotica Resort Spa.

Wanderlust Maldives: Sneak Peek At Taj Exotica Resort Spa.

Although spring has arrived and the temperatures have warmed up, we still have a few weeks of pining to go before summer kicks in and we can finally enjoy sunny days at the beach but that has not stopped us from dreaming of what could be as we enjoy these beautiful travel photos of the sun, sand, turquoise blue water and everything fabulous in the Maldives.
Read on to take an incredible virtual vacation with us to the life of luxury travel, secluded island resorts and breathtaking sunsets at the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa in Maldives...

Dream Destinations: Paris In Spring.

Dream Destinations: Paris In Spring.

Spring is in the air and our eyes are feasting on the beautiful colors and sights of spring in the city of lights where pretty pink cherry blossoms and purple hued magnolias turn the classic and romantic old world buildings into a delight for jetsetters and photographers alike.
Read on to take a virtual tour of Paris with us and discover twenty plus fabulous reasons why Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and why you should most definitely visit Paris in the spring season.

Dream Destinations Wanderlust: The Colorful Streets Of Europe.

Dream Destinations Wanderlust: The Colorful Streets Of Europe.
As we look forward to the fabulously warm months of spring and summer and our wanderlust kicks in and we can't help but reminisce about the beautiful sights, sounds and colors of the streets of Europe. From Portugal to Rome, Monte Carlo  to Montmarte and Paris to Cologne.
Read on to see the stunning architecture, colorful windows, doors and buildings that makes the streets of these European cities a must-see dream destination for travel enthusiasts, fashionistas and photographers alike...

Dream Destinations: Discover The Paradise St. Lucia.

Dream Destinations: Discover The Paradise St. Lucia.

One of our favorite things to do on is discover amazing travel destinations and luxury accommodations to share with our jetsetting readers and travel lovers. We hope the dream destinations we share inspire you to take a fabulous winter getaway or at the very least provide you with the perfect virtual escape from the gloomy winter weather outside.

Read on to see nature in all her beauty in this dream destination that combines spectacular views with, breathtaking sunsets, luscious green Pitons mountains with deep blue seas, luxurious accommodations with plantation history and architecture, and sunny beach days with relaxing spa retreats in the lush rainforest. Join us as we explore the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia's Sugar Beach...

Dream Destinations: Dubai's Spectacular Miracle Gardens.

Dream Destinations: Dubai's Spectacular Miracle Gardens.

We bid a joyful hello and welcome to the beautiful month of March! After the winter that we've had, we can't wait to welcome spring at the end of this month. Join us all month long as we usher in spring with posts covering bright, bold and beautiful fashion, beauty tips, nail art designs, the most amazing nature photos and spring decor inspiration.

We begin the work week by ushering in spring with spectacular photos from the world's biggest natural flower garden, Dubai's Miracle Garden! Read on to take a virtual vacation to the United Arab Emirates and beautiful Dubai... Happy March!

Dream Destination: Beautiful Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Dream Destination: Beautiful Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Yesterday was called the 'Monday Blues' because of the gloomy winter grey skies. If you don't have a fabulous winter escape to a warm tropical destination planned for the rest of the winter season,  then it's time for a virtual vacation to warm, sunny and exotic Sumba Island, Indonesia and the Nihiwatu beach resort.

Read on to get lost in the beauty of Sumba Island. You will definitely want to plan a last minute winter getaway or romantic vacation after seeing these photos...

Dream Destinations: Tortuga Bay Winter Getaway.

Dream Destinations: Tortuga Bay Winter Getaway.

Happy New Year 2015! Now that the NYE and New Years Day celebrations are over and 2015 is officially here, we are starting off the year with a much needed winter getaway to a luxurious and most importantly sun-filled dream destination.

Read on to take a virtual tour of the fabulous Tortuga Bay Villas designed by Oscar de la Renta. It's a tropical destination you are guaranteed to fall in love with!

Tortuga Bay Villas: The daffodil yellow beachfront Villas add a sense of glamour to your winter escape that you do not often find in the tourist riddled beach fronts and all-inclusive, discount vacation packages of Punta Canta.

Dream Destination: Adventure Meets Luxury At Kragga Kamma.

Dream Destination: Adventure Meets Luxury At Kragga Kamma.
We love introducing you to eye catching, jaw dropping and spectacular eco-tourist sites around the world. Today's dream destination blends the wild call of the safari, outdoors and rocky African terrain. With the dreamy, star filled night sky, top notch accommodations, spa service and tantalizing dishes of a luxury resort. You can have it all at Kragga Kamma luxury nature reserve near Cape Town, South Africa.

Spend your days exploring the red sandstone terrain and caves covered in Bushmen art dating back 6000 years. And go hiking or biking on the reserve to see the leopards, meerkats, cheetahs, antelopes, zebras, aardvarks and more exotic animal species in their native habitat. Read on for a sneak peek of the beauty that is Kragga Kamma, we're sure it will leave you wanting more...

Dream Destinations: Dreaming Of Saint Tropez.

Dream Destinations: Dreaming Of Saint Tropez.

The beautiful Saint Tropez on the French Riviera coast exudes old world charm combined with luxury and coastal fun. From soaking up the sun on the white sand beaches, to basking pool side at elite resorts, taking in the view from a sail boat or yacht or sipping on delicious cocktails at a private french villa or chateau.

With the stunning architecture, sea and mountain views and delicious french cuisine, Saint Tropez should be on everyone's dream destinations list! Read on to see our favorite spots...

Exploring Europe's Most Beautiful Cities Off The Beaten Path.

Exploring Europe's Most Beautiful Cities Off The Beaten Path.

Take a giant step back in time and explore Europe like you've never seen her before. As we step away from the infamous, tourist filled hustle and bustle of major European cities and travel off the beaten path. Into the hidden gems that are small villages with architectural marvels, historically preserved towns, ancient castles, towering landscapes and seaside cities with spectacular views!

Whether you're back-packing across Europe for the first time, planning a stop over sight seeing tour on your way to another destination or are a seasoned traveler with European cities at the top of your travel bucket list, these amazing places are a must see! Read on to see them all...

Dream Destinations: 15 Restaurants With Spectacular Views.

Dream Destinations: 15 Restaurants With 
Spectacular Views.

It's time to stir up the travel bug in you. If these beautiful dream destinations are not on your travel bucket list ,then you definitely need to add them. If only to enjoy the fine dining experience at these amazing restaurants with the most spectacular views!
The rock restaurant in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Read on to see the breathtaking ocean front, mountainous and rocky landscape views from elevated, under water and cave restaurants around the world...
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