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5 Fantastic Ways To Decorate With Copper

5 Fantastic Ways To Decorate With Copper.

In the world of home design chrome is still trending and brass is making a come-back but why settle for what's hot right now, when you can get ahead of the trends, glam up your home decor, wow your guests and fall head over heels in love with all things copper.

To say that we are crushing on copper would be an understatement! So we have rounded-up our most beautiful copper finds, from entertaining essentials to kitchen ware, copper decor to lighting. And even a fabulous mix of  marble and copper that will create a dreamy and luxe atmosphere in your home! Read on to discover five fantastic ways to decorate with spectacularly stunning copper...

Chic Office Essentials

Chic Office Essentials.

Gone are the days of bland and boring office essentials with high-end designers like Kate Spade creating fabulous office essentials that turn your work or study desk into a space of glamour and elegance. Where everything from staplers to paper clips serve as inspiration for the creative mind because of their fascinating designs, rich metallic colors and overall usefulness.

Today we continue our designing a chic office space series by exploring your options when choosing your supplies, storage, organization, stationery and more chic office essentials that will make your work space stand out and be a beautiful source of inspiration to you. Read on to see our picks for must-have office essentials!

Decorating For Fall With Pretty Pumpkins

Decorating For Fall With Pretty Pumpkins.

We love decorating for the seasons and now that fall is here it's definitely time to tone down on the bright spring and summer colors for more fall appropriate home decor. During a recent trip to the pumpkin patch we discovered the most beautiful pumpkins in shades of white, blush pink and even lavender that sent our home design loving hearts aflutter and we couldn't wait to create beautiful fall vignettes and table top decor. 

Read on for inspiration on how to decorate your living room, fireplace, dining room, kitchen and create curb appeal with pretty pumpkins in shades of white, gold, blush pink, grey, blue, green and copper this fall season.

Designing A Chic Office Space

Designing A Chic Office Space.

Here at Lush Fab Glam, we have the luxury of choosing our work environment and there are days when we work from home, head over to our favorite cafe and even the park but it is just as important to have a designated home office where we can brainstorm new stories, write new blog posts and complete projects.

We are currently in the planning stages of designing a new office space and have been drawing inspiration from across the web. Below are some of the design elements, furniture styles, decor pieces and more that we are loving so far.

Read on to see them all and to gain inspiration for updating or designing your own chic office space.

Minimal Chic Home Design

Minimal Chic Home Design.

We have fallen head-over-heels in love with the minimal home design style where less is more and creating a light, airy and cozy ambiance is key. We especially loved incorporating this design style into our home during the sizzling summer months, it was a fabulous way to keep things chic but cool and relaxing no matter what the temperature and humidity levels outside.

Read on to see more fab photos from our minimal chic home design tour and to get tips on how you can incorporate this beautiful modern look into your interior design and home décor.

The Ultimate New Home Gift Guide

The Ultimate New Home Gift Guide.

One of the things we love about home design is that you can creatively integrate the things you love as well as your lifestyle into your home using fabulous décor. Your choice of lighting, throw pillows, home organizers and even the wine glasses that you use when entertaining guests can all reflect your personality and design aesthetic, whether you are a nature lover, travel lover or a lover of all things luxe!

It's especially important to know one's taste when gifting them with something beautiful for their new apartment or home and finding beautiful but most importantly unique gifts can sometimes be difficult. Which is why we have created the ultimate new home gift guide with everything from eco-friendly home décor finds, to unique pieces that are hand crafted in exotic locations, to absolutely irresistible and luxe décor items which are sure to wow!

Read on to discover the gems in our new home gift guide that are so fabulous, you might just gift yourself!

Home Decor Trends Lush Tropical Leaf Prints

Home Decor Trends: Lush Tropical Leaf Prints.

This spring the bountiful burst of rich and reinvigorating green is not restricted to nature and the outdoors because this stunning home decor trend will transform every room in your home into a tropical oasis so you can feel like you're on vacation in an exotic location (think Bali and Hawaii) from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy the perks of island living by decorating your home with lush tropical leaf prints from palm trees to banana leaves wall decor, throw pillows and elegant wall paper as shown in the home decor inspiration photos below...

Lovely Rose Quartz Home Decor.

The Colorful Home Series: Lovely Rose Quartz Home Decor.

Welcome to the second phase of the colorful home series, if you missed our previous tips for adding color to your home using fabulous bursts of yellow click here to see the yellow decor post. This week we are sharing home decor tips and inspiration that will help you transform your home with lovely shades of rose quartz, the pantone color for 2016.

Read on to see how the most used rooms in your home can receive an easy and affordable DIY rose quartz makeover for spring, plus see how we transformed our own home with this beautiful color for spring... 

Julianne Hough's Stunning Outdoor Space

Sneak Peek At Actress Julianne Hough's Stunning Outdoor Space.
Now that spring is here we are loving the outdoors and watching pretty flowers bloom as we enjoy lazy afternoons in our backyard. If you need inspiration to create your own outdoor oasis that's perfect for lounging and entertaining friends and family then  actress Julianne Hough's recently revamped outdoor space is sure to inspire.
Read on to see her gorgeous outdoor space that received a chic makeover by the brilliant designers from One Kings Lane...

The Colorful Home Series: Fabulous In Yellow

The Colorful Home Series: Fabulous In Yellow.
In the spring and summer seasons there is no shortage of color and we can see beautiful bursts of bold and vibrant color everywhere. We are drawing inspiration from nature to bring the outdoors-in by adding pops of color to our home décor that we can enjoy all year round.

Welcome to the colorful home series where we will feature brilliant home design ideas and provide you with inspiration and tips for adding color to your home and doing it the right way. We are start off the series with fabulous bursts of sunshine yellow. Read on to be inspired...

How To Create A Stylish Wall Gallery.

Home Decor Tips: How To Create A Stylish Wall Gallery.

Spring is officially her and it's the perfect time for a fabulous home makeover with small changes that make a big impact in your home design. Our current home decor crush is the gorgeous wall gallery. It's an easy way to add instant glamour to any room and create a focal point to captivate guests and create conversation.

Read on to see some of the fabulous ways that you can incorporate a photo,  mirror or art wall gallery in your home's design, especially in rooms where they will make he biggest impact like the entryway, staircase, living room, dining room and even your home office...

Home Decor Trends White and Blue Ginger Jars

Home Decor Trends: Beautiful Chinoiserie Ginger Jars.

Don't you just love it when trends recycle like the glorious return of lace and embroidered floral fabrics in the past few years. Thankfully the recycling of beautiful trends is not limited to the fashion industry and the return of this traditional home decor trend has us swooning.

We are referring to beautiful white and blue chinoiserie, which add timeless elegance and a pop of beautiful color to traditional, contemporary and modern home decor. Read on to see the stylish ways to incorporate fabulous chinoiserie ginger jars into your home design.

Luxury Living: Glamorous In Gold Home Design.

Luxury Living: Glamorous In Gold Home Design.

The world of interior design and home décor has always been a favorite of Lush Fab Glam readers as we provide you with inspiration for decorating the rooms in your homes and office space. Lately we have gravitated toward the latest fab trend in home design the re-emergence of 1950s-1970's influences and the use of metallic colors like gold, silver, brass and bronze in home furnishing and décor pieces.

Below we are sharing a fabulous take on this trend and a tantalizing look at how to transform any room in your home into a modern and luxurious space using gold home décor, furniture and accent pieces.


The color gold symbolizes, royalty, luxury and makes an undeniable style statement when properly used in home décor. The key is to find the right balance when decorating, too much gold can come across as old world and stuffy, while too little gold may seem like you missed the mark. So how do you find the right balance when decorating with metallic gold? Read on to be inspired...

Modern Home Decor Trends: Shades Of Grey.

Modern Home Design Trends: Shades Of Grey.

Beautiful shades of grey have taken over the interior design world and has become the new must-have home decor palette. The beauty about using grey in your home design, home renovation or home makeover is that it ranges from classic and timeless silver hues to ultra modern, gunmetal shades of grey that can be used to decorate any room and suits all design tastes.

The key to creating a beautiful space is to first choose the right shade of grey for your room and decide whether to incorporate it into your home decor with bold choices such as your wall and flooring colors. Or subtle selections like your furniture and decor accents. Read on to see some fabulous examples and design inspiration of how to add a touch of glamour, elegance, and sophistication to your space with shades of grey...

Home Decor Tips: Creating A Stylish Home.

Home Decor Tips: Creating A Stylish Home.

How you decorate your home is a reflection of your lifestyle, tastes, design
style and aesthetic as well as the kind of personality you possess. Naturally, we all want our homes to look stylish and fabulous while keeping comfort and functionality in mind.

Home décor can be beautiful and stylish by balancing the elements to achieve your design theme and add purpose to your space. Read on for tips to help you create a stylish home.

1. Pick the right colors:

It is important that the colors you choose do not make a harsh, clashing effect. It’s always more tasteful when you stick to colors that harmonize with one another. Don’t mix too many colors in a single room as doing so can create chaos, but don’t be scared to mix and match colors.

There should be cohesion of colors. Though, sticking to one shade and playing it safe might result in a boring ambiance that does not satisfy your tastes. Add pops of color that accentuate your base colors.

Decorating For Fall With Beautiful Pumpkins.

Decorating For Fall With Beautiful Pumpkins.
We are well into fall and absolutely cannot resist all the beautiful home decor ideas that we discovered on the Instagram accounts of some of the best interior designers, home decor and home furnishing stores as well as our own elegant fall decor.

Read on to see them all and for inspiration to make your home fall fabulous. Hint: You will need gorgeous white pumpkins or need to paint your orange pumpkins white. Not a D.I.Y enthusiast? That's OK take a quick trip to your favorite home decor retailer or crafts store, they are sure to have some fabulous glass, velvet and other faux pumpkins that you can use.

Home Decor: Beautiful Bathroom retreats.

Home Decor: Beautiful Bathroom Retreats.

There is nothing like coming home to a warm and relaxing bath after a long, exhausting day. Especially during the cold fall and winter months. Creating a space that invites you to relax, unwind, and stay a while is just as important and this is why we have placed so much focus on the bathroom in our ongoing home renovations.

This week's Design and Decor issue features beautiful bathroom retreats with light, airy walls and wall tiles like marble that give the look and feel of floating in the clouds. The fabulous gold, brass and silver bathroom furniture and fixtures add glamour, while the wood accents add warmth and character. Read on for inspiration and to view the beautiful bathroom retreats gallery...

Pretty In Pink Home Decor.

Pretty In Pink Home Decor.

Love pink and all things pretty in pink? So do we that's why we have rounded up ten chic and glamorous ways to add pink in varying shades to your home decor. Whether you prefer subtle pops of pink or bold bursts of pink, read on to be inspired by the pretty in pink interior design ideas below...

Chic In Pink Entryways:

Beautiful Bathroom Decor: Metallic Claw Foot Bathtubs.

Beautiful Bathroom Décor Featuring Metallic Claw Foot Bathtubs.

Gone are the days of settling for white vinyl bathtubs as luxury and glamour returns to master bathroom design. We are head over heels in love with the re-emergence of the timeless and elegant claw foot, cast iron tub and it's new modern flare.

Easily elevate you master bathroom style with the addition of a metallic bathtub in royal gold, glamorous silver or classically vintage bronze. You can choose to add this metallic look to the entire tub or just the outer layer to create a less baroque look.
Whichever design you choose the new metallic claw foot bathtub will transform any bathroom or master bathroom into a spectacular masterpiece. Read on for more bathroom design inspiration featuring the metallic claw foot tub...

Create Curb Appeal With A Colorful Front Door.

Summer Your Home: Create Curb Appeal With A Colorful Front Door.

Whether we are browsing the web or taking leisurely walks through beautiful neighborhoods, the one thing that always catches our eye are homes with beautiful curb appeal. We especially love the one aspect of a home's outdoor décor that holds on to its beauty and adds a gorgeous burst of color in all seasons...the front door.

There is no time like the summer to add a splash of bold, bright and beautiful color to your home and all it takes is a can of paint and a few hours on the weekend. So what are you waiting for? Take the summer your home challenge and start with your curb appeal. We have provided inspiration of beautiful homes with equally beautiful front doors below to get you started...
Look 1: A pretty pop of pink.
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