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Extend your business/brand's reach, grow your customer base and social followers by advertising on, one of the fastest growing fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging websites for women.

By partnering with us through banner ad-space, sponsored blog posts, social media campaigns or any other creative advertising methods, you are promoting your product, service or brand in a cost effective manner that guarantees visibility. 

Whether you're looking to promote a  new product, store launch or want to boost your brand recognition and loyalty, advertising with has never been easier. Take advantage of our affordable advertising prices and turn our loyal readers, subscribers and social followers, who have made us a blogging success with over 8.5 million pageviews into your new customers!

Lush Fab Glam Advertising Options

1. Image or Video Banner Ads:
Get featured in our high visibility image banner ad space. Your ad will be seen by every site visitor and appear on every page. Email us at to reserve your image banner or video ad space and to learn more about our ad pricing and duration timelines.

2. Blog Post Ads:
  • Featured/ Sponsored Blog Posts that promote your product, service or brand in an organic way this is not a review).
  • Product Reviews, App Reviews, Business Reviews and Website Reviews.
  • Partnered Giveaways and Contests.
  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts for our readers.
  • Guest Blog Posts.

3. Social Media Ads:
  • Sponsored Tweets, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Posts.
  • Sponsored YouTube Videos, Reviews and Tutorials.
  • Participate in and/or host Twitter Parties and Instagram Hashtag Parties that promote your business, product and website with our followers, other bloggers and the online community who share the same interests.
  • Social Media Page Takeover Increase your social media reach with a social media page takeover. For the entire day we will curate and post photos and content that promote your product / service in an appealing and organic way to both Lush Fab Glam and your social followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

4. Email Newsletter Ads:
  • Image Banner Ad or Video Ad. Reach our loyal email subscribers with an image or video add that is seamlessly integrated into our email newsletter. 

5. Event Coverage Ad Package:

Are you planning to launch a new business, product, fashion, beauty or home decor line/collection etc.? We will attend your grand opening/ event and take photos to help create social buzz and get the word out in an engaging and authentic way, that is more rewarding than the traditional press release with our event coverage ad package, which also includes live sharing to social media while at the event and more.

Not in the tri-state area? That's o.k we can still create major buzz for your event with a blog post promoting your event before it takes place and live social sharing as it happens!

*Email us at for more details.

Lush Fab Glam Client List

We have been privileged to work with a long list of reputable companies and brands and an even longer list of start-up companies, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses who have been very satisfied with our professionalism, work ethic, the quality of our content and most importantly the successful results and return on investment for their business.

Our Clients Include:

Want to Know More?

Read on to see our complete media kit including our reader demographics.


Why advertise online?
Online promotion is superior to any traditional form of advertising because it leads the interested viewers directly to your website or online store via embedded links and click-through, that is something no print, radio or TV ad can do!

Why advertise on a blog?
In a world where 70% of consumers trust the reviews and recommendations of bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers over traditional brand ads and direct messaging. More and more companies are tapping into this revolutionary and highly effective way of reaching new customers. Harnessing the social sway, personal connection, relate-able stories and experiences of authentic voices like ours to bring their brand message to the world and reach new audiences.

Why you should choose!
Unlike traditional forms of online advertising like digital magazines, where writers lack a personal and lasting connection to their readers or traditional personal blogs, where the publishing timelines can be inconsistent and the overall content may not sync with the way you would want your brand represented.

At Lush Fab Glam we have taken a unique approach, by writing from our own experience we add a personal touch to our articles, which are also created with the professional writing skills, quality, eye-catching photos and the overall aesthetic of a top notch online magazine or publication! This dynamic combination has resulted in over seven years of blogging content that keeps our website visitors, social media followers and email subscribers captivated and coming back for more!

"We are not just a blog and we are more connected to our readers than a magazine. is the best of both worlds." We look forward to helping you take your business into the digital age of advertising where our online sway and social influence will help you stand out from the crowd and reach thousands of new customers.

About Our Readers

Visitor Statistics (as of Fall 2018): is the go-to fashion, beauty and lifestyle website that thousands of women visit on a daily basis for inspiration, tips, D.I.Y advice and to stay-up-to date and ahead of the trends. With almost 8.5 million pageviews, our readers are highly engaged and actively participate in the discussions that we create with our content by leaving comments both on our blog and on our various social media pages.

When you choose Lush Fab Glam to promote your brand and products. You will see the results of your investment through interaction with your content as it is shared in our communities and most importantly via clicks back to your website!

Social Media Followers: has a loyal, highly-engaged and continually growing fan/ follower base on the most popular social media sites including Facebook, twitterInstagram and Pinterest to name a few.

Newsletter Subscribers:
Plus reach our core reader base, our loyal blog RSS feed and V.I.P email newsletter subscribers who receive our articles and special promotions directly in their email inbox. (Email us at to place your ad in our newsletter.)

The majority of our readers and social media followers are from the United States and other English speaking countries that include the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. We also have an international base of multilingual readers from countries that include France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.
Age and Gender:
LushFabGlam's  readers are primarily women between the ages of 13-44 years. Our primary target audience and our largest reader base are women between the ages of 18-34 years, many of whom are college/ university students, working professionals, work-from-home and stay-at-home moms.

Gender Stats:  Female 98%.

Age Stats: 18-24yrs 37%, 25-34yrs 26%, 13-17yrs 16% 35-44yrs 9%, and Other 12%.

The majority of our readers fall into one of these categories: University Graduates and Working Professionals, College/University Students, followed by High School Teens and Tweens.

Time On Site:
How engaged are visitors to An average of 6 pages viewed and visitors who spend an average of ten minutes reading and commenting on our blog posts proves that Lush Fab Glam's readers are not just engaged but love our content!

(*Data Source: Google Analytics, Certified Statistics & Proprietary Data.)

Get Started Right Away

Email us at and let us know whether you would like to take advantage of our current banner ad promotions and/ or to be featured in an exclusive blog or social media post. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Refund/Return Policy:

Due to the creative nature of our blog and social media services we adhere to a strict no-refund policy. However we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the results of your partnership with us and we offer blog and social media post edits for factual corrections at your request. Plus you can rest assured in the fact that in our eight years of blogging and social media promotion not one client has ever requested a refund!

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