Fabulous And Festive D.I.Y Decorative Centerpieces.

Fabulous And Festive D.I.Y Decorative Centerpieces.

Thanksgiving is over and aside from the early gift shopping we indulged in during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales there is a lot more to do to get ready for celebrating the holidays and that includes fabulous and festive decorating. 

If you're tired of using the same old decor pieces year after year but don't want to splurge on new ones, see our festive centerpiece and holiday decor tips below. Make it a fun and easy D.I.Y project that the whole family can enjoy.

Cranberries & Candle Holder Centerpiece: To get this look glue different size foam balls unto candle holders, then one a time glue cranberries unto the foam balls. (Foam balls are available at your local craft store). Group your completed centerpieces together in a silver tray or on a table for maximum effect.

Candy Cane Bouquet: You can create a beautiful bouquet with candy canes, simply around your vase of a similar height and tie the candy canes together with a festive ribbon.

Ornament Bouquet Centerpiece: Turn your ornaments into mini flower vases, to get this decor centerpiece first glue the bottom of your ornament to a small round or square mirror (available at most craft stores). Then remove the top of the ornament and add your water and flowers. Group your ornaments bouquets together for a more eye-catching centerpiece.

Candles And Ornaments Centerpiece: Create an elegant centerpiece for your coffee table or fireplace mantle using different height/size candles, ornaments and garlands. Group them together in a beautiful ceramic or clay bowl and voila you created a beautiful conversation piece.

* Click here for more holiday decorating tips.

Which centerpiece will you try? Leave a comment below.
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