Rihanna As The New Face Of Dior.

Sneak Peek: Rihanna As The New Face Of Dior.

The wait is over for fans of megastar Rihanna and luxurious fashion house Dior as images from the singer's collaboration with Dior's "Secret Garden" ad campaign have finally been released!

Rihanna  has joined the ranks of iconic women like supermodels Iman, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks etc. in breaking down the barriers and perceptions of beauty in the fashion industry. And makes her own mark on fashion history by becoming the first woman of color to be chosen as the "Face of Dior".


The significance of this achievement is not lost on Rihanna or on her fans who celebrated the news with the hashtag #histoRIH trending on social media networks, when the collaboration was first announced.

During an interview with MTV in March, Rihanna shared her excitement for this new achievement in her career. She said "It feels fantastic... It is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color... I think, to be acknowledged by Dior is just, it means a lot as a woman to feel beautiful, and elegant, and timeless."

Read on to see more fabulous images from Rihanna for Dior ad campaign shot at the beautiful Versailles Palace in Paris...

Home Decor Inspiration: Fabulous Outdoor Spaces.

Home Décor Inspiration: Fabulous Outdoor Spaces.

After a long and seemingly unending winter season we have a new found appreciation for the not too hot and not too cool temperatures of the beautiful spring season as we look forward to spending every minute that we can enjoying the fresh breeze, sun kissed, spring bloom and the lush green landscape.

Which is why this design and décor issue is all about the outdoors. We are providing lots of inspiration on how to transform your backyard or patio into a fabulous outdoor oasis that you can enjoy well into the fall season.  Read on to be inspired...

Look 1: A Tea Garden Oasis.
Depart from the cliché outdoor spaces where your home's exterior walls are the staple of your backyard retreat and instead create your outdoor oasis in the middle of your garden. Use potted plants, like yews and bountiful blooms like potted hydrangeas as the new perimeters for your space.

Tips For Blogging And Small Business Success

Journey To Success: Lush Fab Glam Editor Shares Valuable Blogging & Business Success Tips.

As of 2013 it was estimated that there was over 152 million blogs on the internet, thousands are created every year, unfortunately many of them go stagnant and disappear within the first two years. My name is MJ, I am a wife, new mom and I recently celebrated five years as a successful online entrepreneur/small business owner and I did it all with one blog that defied the odds and surpassed even my expectations.

Today, I am sharing my journey to success and how I made my dream to be an independent writer and editor come true. You will read about my successes as well as my mistakes, the lessons I have learned and the ones that I am still learning. As well as how blogging went from being just my passion to a massive platform that I use to connect with people around the world,  a successful business and my way to give back.

Style Confidential: The Hottest Hues To Try This Spring.

Style Confidential: The Hottest Hues To Try This Spring.

Spring is finally here and we are all about bright, bold and eye-catching pops of color infused into everything from our makeup, to our spring outfits, jewelry and accessories.

A common mistake we make when styling our outfits for spring is wearing bright colors in one solid shade. This spring say good-bye to those boring style faux-pas. Embrace color and make it chic by confidently wearing your outfits in pretty shades of spring's "it" colors from peach perfect to chic coral and sophisticated but fun orange.

Spring Beauty Essentials:
Get ready to incorporate orange into your beauty routine this spring, it's on trend, youthful and perfect for the season.

Look 1: A youthful orange lips and nails combo.

Fab Quotes To Motivate And Inspire You.

Fab Quotes To Motivate & Inspire You.

It's time for a little motivation to get you through the week and we have rounded up some fabulous quotes and sayings that are guaranteed to motivate and inspire you!

Fab Quote 1: "The best is yet to come"

Stunning Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Decor Inspiration.

Stunning Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Decor Inspiration.

We love featuring fabulous weddings with stunning decor, spectacular centerpieces and an inviting ambiance that transports guests into a fairy-tale of love and romance on the wedding day. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding and looking for inspiration for your big day, this gallery has just what you need.

Read on to bask in the beauty of some of the most unforgettable indoor and outdoor weddings that we have featured here on Lush-Fab-Glam.com and since it's the spring season we begin with nature infused and picturesque outdoor weddings ideas...

Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas:

1. White and pink outdoor wedding inspiration.
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