Ditch TV And DVR For TVEverywhere.

Ditch TV And DVR For TVEverywhere.
Life gets hectic and as a busy mom on the go there is hardly enough hours in the day to juggle it all. Finding time to sit and watch the scheduled TV shows that I like can be a hassle and I have missed episodes of my favorite shows like NBC The Voice .

If you are always on the go, you know first hand just how limited time can be especially when it's spent on daily commutes, working, running errands, caring for family, making time for the gym and all the other extracurricular activities that fill up the week. When we finally get some down time it is spent catching up with family and friends. This is especially the case during the holiday season when we have dinner parties to host and events to attend.

Having the flexibility to watch the TV shows that I like anytime and anywhere without needing a paid subscription to a TV or movie streaming website is also important. That is why I am falling in love with NBC's TVEverywhere. Read on to see why you should ditch your TV and DVR for TVEverywhere too...

Ten Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Season.

Ten Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Season.
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As parents we stress about making the holidays a fun and memorable time for our kids but as we prepare to host family and friends or travel to attend holiday events we are left with very little time to spend with those who matter most, our little ones. We tend to beat down on ourselves and are disappointed because things don't work out as planned.

I have learned from my own childhood that everything does not have to be perfect and our kids do not need a room full of gifts. The joy and beauty of the Thanksgiving to New Year holidays are found in the unexpected, unplanned moments that are filled with laughter as we create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. We are proud to team up with Minute Maid® to spread the wonderful message that you're #doingood to parents and families who are preparing to celebrate the holidays.  

Read on to see the important things that we are crossing off our holiday to-do list, as well as ten simple and effective ways to get a head start on the holiday season with the added bonus of saving money on gifts, holiday decor etc. Leaving you stress free and with more time to spend with your loved ones... 

Beauty 101: How To Choose The Right Blush.

Beauty 101: How To Choose The Right Blush.

Sometimes the smallest things in life need the biggest work and effort. Even something as simple as applying blush during your makeup routine requires more than just a little time. Your knowledge of blush types, your skill level in applying makeup and the cosmetic products you use all play a big role in whether you will achieve a flawless and beautiful makeup transformation.

In this issue of Beauty 101 you will learn how to choose the right blush type, the right blush color and how to find the perfect blush product to bring out your facial features and accentuate your lovely cheek bones.

The most important thing you need to consider when choosing your next blush is the type. There are four types of blushes and it is important to know which type is best for your skin tone, complexion and will give you the right finish for your daytime, evening, casual or special occasion makeup application. Read on to learn more about the different types of blushes and the pros and cons of using each one...

Modern Home Decor Trends: Shades Of Grey.

Modern Home Design Trends: Shades Of Grey.

Beautiful shades of grey have taken over the interior design world and has become the new must-have home decor palette. The beauty about using grey in your home design, home renovation or home makeover is that it ranges from classic and timeless silver hues to ultra modern, gunmetal shades of grey that can be used to decorate any room and suits all design tastes.

The key to creating a beautiful space is to first choose the right shade of grey for your room and decide whether to incorporate it into your home decor with bold choices such as your wall and flooring colors. Or subtle selections like your furniture and decor accents. Read on to see some fabulous examples and design inspiration of how to add a touch of glamour, elegance, and sophistication to your space with shades of grey...

Must-Have Winter Accessories.

Fashion Finds: Must-Have Winter Accessories.

As fall is slowly but surely shedding its leaves, we are well aware that our old friend (or should we say, frenemy), winter, is on its chilly way. With the countdown to cold days and freezing nights beginning its descent, many fashionistas are gearing up for their goodbyes to open-toed shoes and naked necks.


When the weather gets cold, it seems that style hibernates for the winter. The effort for fashion takes the back seat to function, and plain black ensembles saturate the sidewalks with no pizazz in sight. Although some women prefer to keep it simple during the snowy season, there are subtle ways to keep your style personality about you, such as the addition of fashionable accessories. In fact, there are fabulous finds out there that make dressing for winter much more fun while keeping you at the top of your trend game.

Here are some winter accessories you won’t be able to leave the house without…

Quotes To Motivate And Inspire.

Journey To Success: Quotes To Motivate And Inspire.
Hello Lush Fab Glam readers whatever your plans or goals for the present, immediate or long term future may be we all need a little motivation and inspiration from time to time. We hope one of these featured quotes is exactly the boost you need to take on the challenges, get through another day and do it all with a smile as you embark on your journey to success.

Quote 1: We rise by lifting others.
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