Fab Quotes To Motivate And Inspire You.

Fab Quotes To Motivate & Inspire You.

It's time for a little motivation to get you through the week and we have rounded up some fabulous quotes and sayings that are guaranteed to motivate and inspire you!

Fab Quote 1: "The best is yet to come"

Stunning Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Decor Inspiration.

Stunning Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Decor Inspiration.

We love featuring fabulous weddings with stunning decor, spectacular centerpieces and an inviting ambiance that transports guests into a fairy-tale of love and romance on the wedding day. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding and looking for inspiration for your big day, this gallery has just what you need.

Read on to bask in the beauty of some of the most unforgettable indoor and outdoor weddings that we have featured here on Lush-Fab-Glam.com and since it's the spring season we begin with nature infused and picturesque outdoor weddings ideas...

Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas:

1. White and pink outdoor wedding inspiration.

Fabulous Hairstyles For A Spring Break Getaway.

Fabulous Hairstyles For A Spring Break Getaway.

Spring break is finally here and if you are planning a fun-filled and fabulous getaway, preferably to a warm destination. We have rounded up the easiest, carefree and fabulously chic hairstyles that will get you out the door without a fuss so you can stylishly enjoy your getaway. Read on for more on our spring break hairstyle inspiration and to try your favorites...

1. Beach Chic Hairstyles: 
Carefree tussled loose waves is the perfect look for your sun-kissed getaway and days spent poolside or at the beach.

Stunning Black & White Home Decor.

Stunning Black & White Home Decor.

Planning a fabulous home makeover for spring? We are currently crushing on the luxurious look of black and white home decor. It's the perfect way to make large spaces feel intimate and transform small spaces into luxurious pads. Plus black and white can be combined with any pop of color to reflect the changing seasons and brighten up the look.

Read on to be inspired by some of the most spectacular foyer, kitchen, bedroom and more in black and white chevron print, stripes and the black and white theme incorporated onto the walls, floors, furniture and home decor with an impeccable sense of design!

Look 1: This look is perfect for a foyer or reading nook, the black and white chevron stripes backdrop is an eye-catching feature that adds pizzazz to the space.

Beautiful Bride Wedding Dress Inspiration.

Beautiful Bride Wedding Dress Inspiration.

Spring is almost here and we can't wait for wedding season to begin and while the early spring brides may have their wedding dresses, shoes and accessories all picked out. Late summer and fall brides-to-be are still on the hunt for their perfect wedding dress. We've rounded up some fabulous dresses for the bride who loves lace, tulle, laser cut and sheer wedding fashion.

Look 1: Bustier top, lace and tulle wedding dress.

Read on for more wedding dress inspiration and to share your favorites with a beautiful bride-to-be...

Stress Relief The Natural Way.

Stress Relief The Natural Way: 10 Tips To Help You Stress Less.

Are you stressed, tired, need to relax and unwind from the daily cares of work, relationships and what ever it is that's got you all wound-up?  Whether you are preparing for a big family event, working on a new project roll out, have an upcoming deadline on a school presentation or exam, or you're having one of those days where everyone and everything seems to be going a bit awry. Remember to stress less and enjoy more.

We all encounter situations and sometimes people that affect our stress levels on a daily basis. How effectively we manage and deal with those every day stresses will determine our overall mood and ability to function successfully. Today we are sharing natural and healthy ways to reduce your stress levels, get some much needed rest and relaxation and improve your mood. Get ready to stress less and enjoy more with these fabulous natural stress relief tips...
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