Beauty 101: Career Options in Makeup Artistry.

Beauty 101: Career Options in Makeup Artistry.

 This post is brought to you in collaboration with Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry.

Every girl loves to get dolled up, even if it means only wearing her favorite shade of lipstick or lip gloss before she heads out the door. In recent years our love for makeup and all things cosmetics have been fuelled by the rise of social media as beauty blogs like Lush Fab Glam and makeup lovers around the world share photos and tutorials of their makeup application skills and stunning makeovers.
Fall Makeup Inspiration

Whether they are replicating a look they've seen on a celebrity, on the red carpet, in a movie/ TV show or a beauty look that they skillfully created on their own. It's no wonder that more and more women are considering becoming professional makeup artist.s While watching YouTube makeup tutorials can be fun and inspiring it hardly qualifies or provides you with all the skills you will need to become a professional makeup artist.
If you are thinking about becoming a makeup artist and concerned about what type of jobs will be available to you,  the answer is several and in many industries. That’s one of the positive things about receiving an education in makeup artistry, you can truly pick from a wide range of jobs. Here’s a look at just some of the job opportunities that await recent graduates of make up artistry schools...

Fashion Meets Art: Fabulous Illustrations By Holly Nichols.

Fashion Meets Art: Fabulous Illustrations By Holly Nichols.

One of our favorite things about Instagram is discovering the talented people in the arts, style and home design world. Our hours of perusing the site inevitably lead us to Holly Nicholls and her absolutely beautiful fashion illustrations, which take center stage in this week's fashion meets art feature.
Read on to see more drop dead gorgeous illustrations from this creative lady... 

Five Steps To A Healthy And Fit Life.

Five Steps To A Healthy And Fit Life.

The older we get, the more we need to exercise, it’s just a fact of life. Our natural tendency is to slow down, not speed up, but stepping it up is exactly what we need to do. Stress, anxiety and weight gain can dramatically affect our bodies, health and quality of life and heart disease, diabetes, joint and mobility issues are no laughing matters.

Regular, heart pumping exercise not only keeps us healthy but they also help to improve our memory and thought process. Whether your goal is to look good and live life in a bikini or you are ready for a lifestyle change. Read on as we break down the five steps that you should take to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle... 
Get ready to "live life in a bikini."

A Summer Packed Full of Goodness And Plenti

A Summer Packed Full of Goodness And Plenti.

We are having a summer packed full of goodness with delicious colors and flavours that tease the eyes, tickle the senses and leave us feeling excited and energetic about the fun, adventurous and sunny days ahead.

Thanks to our latest discovery in the land of Plenti that has changed how we eat breakfast, snack at mid-day and cool off in the afternoon. Read on to see how we got hooked on this delectable delight and how you can try it too...

Beautiful Bathroom Decor: Metallic Claw Foot Bathtubs.

Beautiful Bathroom D├ęcor Featuring Metallic Claw Foot Bathtubs.

Gone are the days of settling for white vinyl bathtubs as luxury and glamour returns to master bathroom design. We are head over heels in love with the re-emergence of the timeless and elegant claw foot, cast iron tub and it's new modern flare.

Easily elevate you master bathroom style with the addition of a metallic bathtub in royal gold, glamorous silver or classically vintage bronze. You can choose to add this metallic look to the entire tub or just the outer layer to create a less baroque look.
Whichever design you choose the new metallic claw foot bathtub will transform any bathroom or master bathroom into a spectacular masterpiece. Read on for more bathroom design inspiration featuring the metallic claw foot tub...

Quotes To Motivate And Inspire.

Quotes To Motivate And Inspire

Our weekly motivation and inspiration quotes are not only one of our favorite posts to write but based on our social shares and feedback from you, they are also clearly a favorite of Lush Fab Glam readers as well.

Read on for another dose of amazing quotes and phrases that will help you to get the ball rolling, keep you focussed and remind you to keep your eyes on the prize.
Quote 1: "Trust Your Soul"
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